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About Us
The Red Company is a social raid-oriented, lore-observant kinship on the Laurelin server, who also do RP, music, crafting, group questing, casual events and more. We're an extremely friendly community, and are always willing to help or answer questions. ICly, our focus is on protecting Bree and the surrounding lands. OOCly, we're a group of friends who want to enjoy LOTRO and each others' company.

We have four weekly events in the evenings: For instances, deeding, RP and level-cap content. We also have a kinship band and organise events on special occasions.

The kinship is EU-based, which means that most of our members are European, we are busiest during EU evenings, and all of our events are planned to GMT times. However, there are also plenty of people from across the world, and there are people online at most times. There are normally 5-10 people online, and often up to 15.

Adilyr, our leader, and Meriya, are in charge of running the kinship in general. Nanteana and Rosamundi are general officers, which involves recruitment, planning for events and the future of the kinship, and dealing with any general problems. Nanteana also runs the band. Lantharion and Vidis are raid officers, and organise weekly raids and instances. Sigrun runs our weekly RP group.

If you want to ask anything about the kinship, you can contact any of our members in-game. If you are interested in RP, you may also want to read our Laurelin Archives page.

If you are interested in joining, contact one of the officers in-game. You can make an account on this website when you have been accepted in-game.
Theogorn / May 01, 2017 / news
Dearest kinsfolk,

As Summer rushes in, the Red Company has been hard at its duties across Middle Earth. The last nine days has seen a lot of kin activity. Highlights include:

On Friday 28th, a Red Company fellowship charged the fences of Lang Rhuven (in the Slag Wastes near the Black Gate of Mordor). The group completed all the 'gateway' quests to allow those characters access to the L105 Fellowship crafting instances. The group was composed of: LANTHARION, DANDALIAN, SIGRUN, LECNAL (who did some great tanking), and PENNYWORTH. We were so pleased with the succcess that we are planning to repeat this soon to allow access for other kinsmen.

The RedStable Revellers performed at the Bree Festival Grounds on Monday. They drew a large crowd and their six member band performance drew great acclaim. Let's hope we hear more from NANTEANA and the band soon.

On Saturday 29th, a series of Moria instances were run (open to all eligible levels) at the request of DANROC. The Red Company threw down the Watcher in the Water and other denizens of Khazad-Dum. Thanks to LANTHARION for organising.

Lastly, the Children of Rossiel, our XP disabled raid group started the L85 Erebor content on Saturday 22nd. In ONE evening, they completed all three L85 3 mans - Iorbar's Peak, Scuttledells, Seat of the Great Goblin, *and* the 6 man: Bells of Dale. They will soon begin the L85 12 mans which will present more a challenge !

More news as it happens

Meriya / Apr 02, 2017 / news
Tuesday we put on our warmest cloaks and headed to Forochel to defeat dourhands, gauredain and Angmarim. The group was Rallewyn, Liranna, Narubeth, Dandalian, Monbretia, Abrem and Brehir.

On Saturday we explored the new Towers of Teeth and Skoironk; the first excursion into them for some of the group. We emerged after a couple of hours, loot bags very full. The group was Adilyr, Sigrun, Dandalian, Edalon, Rosamundi, Meriya and Padhril. Highlights included murdering an entire room of orcs and getting very, very lost.

Next Saturday we plan to take on the Barrows!

On Tuesday, The Rolling Kegs will be performing in The Shire, and a couple of our kinsfolk will be performing with them. For this reason, deed evening will be moved to Thursday 06/04 (unless anyone raises objections with Meriya).

Safe travels!
Theogorn / Mar 12, 2017 / news
Greetings brethren,

This week, spread over Friday and Saturday we completed all wings of Ost Dunhoth on lvl 105. Saturday, we also completed Quays of Harlond (lvl105) and Sammath Gul at lvl 70.

Did you always want to wear Evendim Blue? Catch the dye now with IMBLUE.

Link to LOTRO beacon #3:

Of course you're all well informed of the poll on the website, the signups and the new raiding shedules. Find Lantharion for questions.

Furthermore I don't think there's so much that happened. Have fun in the game!

Travel safe,

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Mar 05, 2017 / news
Greetings to all of you,

To give everyone an idea of what instances we did this week: Friday we tried the Featured instance. This was Ost Dunhoth - Poison and Disease. Many people avoid it, but we tried our hands on it that night. Saturday we did a cleanup for lvl 65+ instances. AILEMA, ARALER, CENALITH, DOLVETHIR, LECNAL and THEOGORN turned out to do Sammath Gûl to kill Gorothul for the epilogue of Volume II.

SKIRMISHUP is the weekly freebie. Insert it if you really want that +100% Mark Acquisition (90 min) x1! At the moment, Update 20 goes live on the testserver Bulroar. Soon, the FI-set will switch and the price for rep-accelerators in the skirmish camp will be increased. You may want to pile some up.

I see Lantharion still didn't provide information about his mischievous plan, but he certainly will when he's ready with all the preperations. besides, here's the link to SSG's weekly Beacon: . It's a weekly summarize of all noteworthy happenings, like events announcements, kinship advertisements etc. Be sure to check that out.

Travel safe,

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Feb 26, 2017 / news
Hello everyone,

We hope you have a wonderful day and are enjoying the game so far. We, the great soldiers of the red company defeated Salamanders and limrafn in Evendim and claimed honour for the task. Furthermore, we got beaten in the ass by the despicable dragon Draigoch and didn't save Enedwaith of a terrible doom. And lastly, any of us decided to go home in Redstable to party and feast, shooting firework with any money that's left. And with passion we bullied our kinleader adilyr in a mighty roast while the redstable revellers played a song or two. All in all, the week feels great, despite bad behaviour and bad performances of our awesome order. Congratulations for the participation in our anniversary, we had a great time.

But, if you are feeling guilty because we didn't save the world, redeem yourself and claim 5 rejuvenation potions with the code DRINKME. Captain Lantharion Seregruthon has ideas of enforcing the law, so our hearths will be pure again. More information about that he will deliver soon!

May Eru forgive us for our sins,

Theogorn, PRO