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About Us
The Red Company is a social raid-oriented, lore-observant kinship on the Laurelin server, who also do RP, music, crafting, group questing, casual events and more. We're an extremely friendly community, and are always willing to help or answer questions. ICly, our focus is on protecting Bree and the surrounding lands. OOCly, we're a group of friends who want to enjoy LOTRO and each others' company.

We have four weekly events in the evenings: For instances, deeding, RP and level-cap content. We also have a kinship band and organise events on special occasions.

The kinship is EU-based, which means that most of our members are European, we are busiest during EU evenings, and all of our events are planned to GMT times. However, there are also plenty of people from across the world, and there are people online at most times. There are normally 5-10 people online, and often up to 15.

Lantharion is our leader and he oversees the kinship in general. He is assisted in this task by Nanteana, the successor. Our leader is also responsible for our dedicated raid-group "The Children of Rossiel", and he arranges end-game content on Friday night. The successor, Nanteana, is also our band-officer, so organises everything around music and performances of the band "The Redstable Revellers". Vidis is our raid-officer, he is responsible for the raids on Saturday night. Sigrun is our RP-officer, she fixes everything related to our kinship roleplay. Theogorn is the PR-officer, he manages the facebook page, the website, Laurelin archives etc. Adilyr (our ex-kinleader), Meriya (our ex-kinsuccessor) and Rosamundi are general officers, responsible for recruitment and supervision.

If you want to ask anything about the kinship, you can contact any of our members in-game. If you are interested in joining, contact one of the officers in-game. You can make an account on this website when you have been accepted in-game.
Theogorn / Nov 18, 2017 / announcements

hi folks,I'm going along with a test and released an absence list on the website, at least for the coming months. We'll see if people make use of it. Explanations are on the said page, but it basically boils down that you can manually write your a...

Theogorn / Nov 03, 2017 / announcements

greetings kinsfolk,by this mail I announce a new rotation to renew our roster cleanup. next rules to renew:*from now on cleanups of the kinship roster will happen at the beginning of every month*as always, people exceeding 42 days are expelled*it ...

Theogorn / Oct 31, 2017 / announcements

Greetings kinsfolk,Last Sunday, our officer structure changed quite a bit (as my mail below suggests).The changes involve that Adilyr Nolondil transferred his leadership over to Lantharion Seregruthon, our previous raid-officer. Due to businesses ...

Theogorn / Oct 31, 2017 / announcements

Greetings Folks,As you see, I am your PRO once more. Shame I missed the ceremony and the leader switch (I was spending time in Germany), and I was thinking: "let's say another hi, to the old guys and the new who don't know me yet."So I'm PRO, stan...