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The Caranothrim

[Pinned] Taking Crafting Orders - Jewellery

Hi!Taking tier 2 (lvl 12, lvl15) jewellery orders. Please send mail to Ajaniamel or here.As from my current calculations - sometimes lvl 12 gives more than lvl15 of what your class needs. so specify what you need more - vitality, morale, power, ev...
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The Caranothrim

[Pinned] Taking Crafting Orders - Tailoring

Ealdferth, the exiled Rohirric hunter is now taking T2 tailoring orders. I have some mats and crit items, but might need more of both if people want full sets crafted. Off course, hides are always welcome if you don't need them.
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The Caranothrim

[Pinned] Taking Crafting Orders - Metalsmithing

Eruca Diggings, Hobbit guardian and accidental adventurer, is now providing metalsmithing services!As soon as I've started getting some materials together, I can make basic heavy armour, and most importantly crafting tools for everyone else.Please...
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The Caranothrim

[Pinned] Taking Crafting Orders - Scholar

Mornilda is now taking orders for Tier 2 scrolls (battle & warding lore, all +2.5% crit crafting scrolls such as Cooking, Metalsmith etc), and the single use +35% crit crafting journals if materials are available (I only have Tailoring one at ...
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The Caranothrim

[Pinned] Rules for the Caranothrim

At least temporarily, we refer to the rp-driven, self-dependent slow-leveling group as the Caranothrim. I write out the basic idea and rules, based on questions we have received.Just like two years ago with the starting up of the Children of Rossi...
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[Pinned] The Red Company's Greatest Quotes

During our raid in Carn Dum a few days ago, several members and myself talked about compiling a list of the greatest, funniest, or wackiest quotes from the members of the Red Company. If you know or remember any such quotes, please don't hesitate ...
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[Pinned] The Red Company who we are in the world of Arda.

living in a hamlet not far from Bree. The community has representatives from the race of Eldar and Naugrim who have found a haven condusive to their needs. Records show that the name of the kin goes far back in time long before the fall of Forn...
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The Children of Rossiel

[Pinned] Introduction to the Children of Rossiel

The Red Company - The Children of Rossiel ‘Few now remember them,’ Tom murmured, ‘yet still some go wandering, sons of forgotten kings walking in the loneliness, guarding from evil things folk that are heedless.’ – Fog on the Barrow-downs, The Fe...
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[Pinned] Deed Maps
General Discussion

[Pinned] Deed Maps

The site which contained the deed maps is no longer online, but their owner put them in a Dropbox for continued use!
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[Pinned] Halloween Party

[Pinned] Halloween Party

Saterday the 28th of October,we will organise a Halloween Party.And what is a Halloween Party without a awsome Costume?As the Fall festival is beginning this week,and also in Halloween style,you can try to get a great costum there :)I will let you...
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[Pinned] New lore
Lore discussion

[Pinned] New lore

I made a new thread in a new section of the Roleplay forum. Based on the brainstorm thread, here is the best spot if you have any questions yet about the children of Rossiel or the red company. Also, you can bring up ideas here regarding what kind...
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Kinship Charter

[Pinned] The Kinship Charter: Version II

Kinship CharterThe Red Company was formed on 23rd February 2013. Ever since it has grown into a socially active and helpful kinship. Our kin nowadays exists of a wide range of ages and our players are from various countries across the world. To ke...
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[Pinned] List of year round events

Here is a list of events held every year. Keep an eye out on these dates, as we will host kin-wide events. When the events grow near, I will inform you through in-game mail about what we will do. In the main time, if you have an idea for an event,...
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[Pinned] The Red Company Uniform Cosmetics - Policy

As a couple of kinsfolk have asked what the exact policy for the uniform is:Uniform Official Policy The Kinship uniform is only compulsory for instances/raids because it sets us apart from other members of the raid (and the red/crimson is very dis...
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[Pinned] The Red Company Facebook Page.

Greetings Kinsfolk,Always been interested in what your other Kinsmen do?There story's,adventures,video's and pictures.Or are you that Kinsmen that always wanted to share your story's,andventures,pictures and videos with the other Kinsmen?Now you c...
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[Pinned] Using the Suggestions Forum

In our most recent officers meeting, we discussed the feedback mechanisms in the kinship, and decided that we would really like to concentrate on using the forums as the main source of feedback. This is because what is written on the forums will n...
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[Pinned] IMPORTANT, Read this first!

Although not all plug-ins use them, it is a good idea to make sure you have Turbine Utilities installed. This will save you a great deal of frustration concerning Plug-Ins that don't work without it.You can find them here: http://www.lotrointerfac...
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Forum roleplay

[experimental] first forum-roleplay

I'm quite curious how forum-roleplay would turn out to be in this community, so by experiment I'm starting up a thread, just to see how our community reacts on it. I haven't put very much thought in it yet, but I wouldn't see why the rules would b...
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The Caranothrim

Taking Crafting Orders - Woodworking/Farming

Just post here if you need any woodworking or farm produce! Can only do T1 currently, or non-crit T2 if you send me ash wood. Also very happy to receive T2 recipes!
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The Caranothrim

Taking weapon smith orders

Saphell welcome's all orders for weapon smith level 15
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