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( Credit for the guide is from kinship "An Unexpected Kinship". )


~Recommended group makeup:

3 Tanks
3 Heals
1-2 Burgs or LMs for crowd control
4-6 DPS any type

~Expect a lot of fire damage so an RK is nice to have.
~Upon entering you'll be assigned 1 of 2 optional quests, Keep them from Hatching (slay drakelings) or Fangs for Nothing (collect fangs off corpses). If you have #1 you'll need to activate eggs in instance, if not you can ignore them.

Puzzle Room
~Always have MT(Main Tank) pull one drake while OT(Off-tank) or CC(Crowd Control) holds additional mobs.
~Beware of eggpacks laying around, if they are touched it summons drakelings that can hinder a group if not ready.
~Beware of sleeping drakes in room to the North as they all activate at once.

~Once you clear room and go up ramp, clear mobs there, then split up group into 3: 2 groups of 3 with one tank,heal,DPS in each. Rest stays on platform. Have one mini group go down ramp and head to North gate and one to South gate. Assign two ranged players to be switch throwers on platform. Have them step on squares in front of switches. Once they are on squares, they are not to move until all gates are opened and group is reformed.

~When the two switches are thrown, either the N or S gate opens revealing another switch and a Drake. Kill drake and throw switch to open opposite gate. Once all switches have been thrown twice, all 3 gates will be opened and you can proceed. Continue down hall to next ramp.

Concur room
~Avoid Concurs (hillmen) until you are done with drakes, worms, and eggs.
~Kill two concurs in middle of room.
~There are two concurs at ramp going up, VERY important they are CC'd or they will alert 12 more concurs and likely wipe the group. Continue down path to Grisgart's room.

Grisgart's room
~On dais there are 2 worms in front, 2 drakes in back, and Grisgart at an altar in the middle. Mark Grisgart with a marker because he's easily lost.
~One tank on Grisgart, one on Drakes, one on Worms.
~Avoid large eggs around outside unless you are going for challenge.
~Start attacking Grisgart, but as soon as either the worms or drakes are attackable, focus energy on them.
Once 4 mobs are down, focus on Grisgart.
~When Grisgart dies, he summons two spirits.
~Once spirits are down, you're done. Be sure to loot all bodies and now activate eggs, as hatchlings drop vendor trash.

Challenge mode
~After slaying drakes and worms, have one tank and heal stay on Grisgart. Everyone else crack all 6 egg packs one at a time.
~Once all hatchlings are done, finish off Grisgart.

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