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LOTRO's Most Comprehensive Warden Guide put up that *comprehensive* warden guide here. My first opinion on this is not too great, but it seemed people in the kinship actually said it helped them and valued the guide. I would like Conrad t...
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Choice of class

Greetings Kinsfolk!In our kinship celebration I realised we have many minstrels at max level and am now wondering if another is really needed. So now I am asking you , what class could help the kin best at max level? Should I pick up playing my bu...
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The Children of Rossiel

CoR at Orthanc

There has been some discussion over the last few weeks regarding the Children of Rossiel and their progression to L85. As most of you know, I left the ultimate decision to a subset of the officers to decide and stated that I would abide by whateve...
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Tolkein Professor tonight

Today!The Tolkien Professor - Lotro in Middle Earth LectureFeb 21, 2017 at 8 UK time in the Bree Scholar Hall
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Sadly I must take my leave

I didn't want to just leave the Kin and not say goodbye, so I wanted to thank you for the time you have allowed me to hang out with you and the nice conversations I've had with several of you. Sadly, i just don't think this Kin is a good fit for m...
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This bug is nasty. Been in bed virtually all week. I may not be around for raiding tomorrow or Saturday.keep up the good fighthugs Monbretia
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Minstrel Healing Guide

A really good guide, useful for our healing Minstrels. :)
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[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Weekly RP postponement and a RP proposition.

Hello all, sorry this took until the day of, but I wished to inform the company that this week, I am unavailable for the full length of the RP session, and thus can't continue with our regularly scheduled events. As such I fully encourage the grou...
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Winterstock IV, LANDROVAL SERVER, Ice Lake below Thorin's Halls

As you may know, Winterstock is nearly upon us. Last year, 40 bands played. This is not a competition! Rather, it is a celebration of music, made and performed by the LotRO community.This year, my Dwarf band, The Rolling Kegs, will play a 1 hour s...
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tanking guide

as some asked for it multiple times, I send here the link to a tanking guide so you can reach it on all times:
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[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Kin rp 3 Jan. Of orbs and a departure

At dawn a fellowship of six: Tolibold, Ronimli, Eloen Aduial, Blorlo, Radhril and Calebriorn departed Ost Guruth. They rode east towards the last Bridge. As they reached the crest of the skarn and made their way on the road, Radhril glanced back ...
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Character Introductions

Rioghnach, a half-sister of Eloen Aduial

Rioghnach ('Queen-like' in Rohirric) was born to a noble woman from Fenmarch along the Mering Stream in Eastfold. Her father was an exile from Gil-galad's army three thousand years before, Avaranga ('Unwilling Steel') the Elf, Too much occupied - ...
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A period of absense.

Hiho kind people of The Red Company.Yesterday evening, whilst being in a particularly nasty fight with a orc I got a little too much into the fight, and accidentally threw my very large cup of freshly made hot tea all over my laptop. This is the f...
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Crafting Guild Reputation Guide

I found this very useful guide to obtaining Guiled staus with crafting guilds, hope it helps everyone as much as it helped me.
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Character Introductions


She hails from the royal Noldorin host of Gil-galad, eleven years prior to the beginning of the Third Era (she is twenty-nine and three thousand years old). She was born, and cooed for the first time, as the Sickle of Valar was ascending on the ni...
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[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

the requested thread

as some of you requested, I open up a thread here where you can discuss the things you want. I have already written a full post in the council-thread, explaining some causes, factors, personal solution, but I do not yet see so much what more can b...
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Absent a bit.

Sorry, this comes after I've already been absent quite a while, but anyway. I'm quite busy at the moment with the new job, living in a new place, the Christmas season where I work more... simply not in the mood for playing much. I'll definitely be...
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Busy Bee

Just letting everyone know that my game time is more limited than usual. My little online business is very occupied around the Christmas holidays and I'm unable to be in-game most days.However, I will do my best to set aside time for the Friday an...
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Lore discussion

[Council] #3 - The way to go

to resume what we already established: First we generally decided we wanted to head for a general kin of the free peoples of Eriador (or middle-earth) in the purpose of common defense. With this, it's fine the DĂșnedain are the roots, but we didn't...
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[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Another little RP adventure

Greetings venerable Red Company role players,most of you are aware that I have prepared another RP adventure that will -start would be too big a word, so Id rather say "be seeded"- tomorrow, and I want to stake out a few points about it to avoid m...
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