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Hello, I would like to announce my inactivity during summer holidays and also apologise for it. I have part time job that takes too much time from my day and because it is a long distance between my home and workplace (because I am poor stundet I...
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The perfect kinship?

First of all, I want to say to everyone here that I'm back. I have had exams and have been preparing for 6 weeks and could not be much online during that period. But I am happy to say that now I have returned and that allowed me to think back abou...
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Character Introductions

Drifita Feorfyn

Born into a family of Woodsmen in the far northern reaches of Rhovanion, Drifita Feorfyn comes from a long line of foresters and woodland folk. A childhood living on the hem of the Great River and facing the southern half of Mirkwood, Drifita's ac...
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General Discussion

Translating to Sindarin and Rohirric

Greetings. I'd like to inform the kin that I'm fluent in Sindarin and Rohirric, so if someone needs to translate anything, send me an in-game mail, a /tell or reply to this thread.
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Kinship notes and kinship gatherings

Hello. I am Ornessar, the newest recruit. While checking the kinship and its page, I felt that some things were missing.I have some alts in other kins, and it feels weird that a kin with many active users like The Red Company didn't enforce the us...
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I meant to post this a while ago...So that you didn't all wonder where I'd disappeared to. But I guess it's too late for that now.Anyway, I have my first year exams in a few weeks, so I'm focusing on that for the time being. I'll probably still lo...
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Update 18.1 Release notes

Information from the update this morning! Release NotesMy favourite part was "The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Eriador have been lowered to more reasonable numbers."The reduction in slayer deeds apply to Gondor as well....
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Character Introductions

Theogorns story

Well, I already had for pretty long a background story. Even several each after each other. But every time I felt there was something wrong with them. It's Always such story kind of that something bad happened and that something unrightfully has b...
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RP Guides

Emotes in roleplay

Emotes play a big part in roleplay. Wether we use the already existing in-game ones or those customized by ourselves, it adds to the roleplay and shows actions that we normally wouldn't be able to do. In this guide I'll describe the various types ...
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RP Guides

The basics of roleplay

Foreword:Greetings everyone,I know I'm still new here and have attended but two kin roleplay activities. But also seeing the many questions of other newcomers about roleplay, I figured a basic guide to roleplay wouldn't hurt. And instead of forwar...
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[Archive] December 2015-October 2016

Kin Story Outline

Greetings everyone,Underneath you'll find the outline of our kinwide rp-story that we'll do every Tuesday. Behind each 'chapter' you'll see the indicated time frame and if there is any additional information, I'll post it there as well. Make sure ...
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Tales of Arda

My absence

hello dear kin folk,you'll have to pardon my absence of late from both in game and the forums here. my day to day schedule was very much out of whack for a good while but now your favorite old noldo is back and the tales of arda will
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An Idea

Hey, guys! So, um, I had an idea earlier that I’d like to throw out there. Wouldn’t it be really cool to do a screenshot project where four of our kin members—especially, but not only, those with war-steeds—created a cosmetic set each for both hor...
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On Vacation 22/4-29/4

Hey all,I'm off on a vacation from Friday the 22nd of April until Friday the 29th of April. You'll see me back again after the 29th.*waves*~ Aedree
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[Archive] December 2015-October 2016

Reviving the Kinship Roles

It was some months ago that I proposed a concept within the company of introducing specific occupations/roles in which RPers within the company could classify themselves, so as to better outline characters individual skills/talents which they are ...
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[Archive] December 2015-October 2016

Scouting report

((In keeping with Calebriorn's official job of Red Company scout, I'll be putting up these reports to fill new players in on what will be happening in the rp, and a little of what has already happened))The Greenway Bandits: With the dust settled o...
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Easter Events

Greetings everyone,Coming weekend it's Easter. And to celebrate this, we're going to do the following.Sunday the 27th of March there will be a chickenrun. It starts at 8PM GMT and will be lead by one of the other officers, as I myself can't make i...
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Tales of Arda

The Guardian's Oath

The path of the guardian is one of great sacrifice . putting the welfare and safety of others well before your own . Standing boldly before a sea of darkness with your shield casting aside evil after evil , and if it ever comes to it.... fall whil...
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General Discussion


Hail everyone :)I am now not as active as I was because I am trying everything now on Bullroarer (beta). If anyone wishes me to check anything they would like to know let me know and I will do it. See you soon, Kat :)
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[Archive] December 2015-October 2016

Goodbye RP

I am announcing here that I will not visit the RP-events in the near future.When I joined the kin, RP was my passion and my main activity in which I excelled. I spent a lot of time to it and wasn't pressed by time (like some of you still may remem...
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