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Tales of Middle Earth, written by Remnantus.
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[Pinned] The Red Company's Greatest Quotes

During our raid in Carn Dum a few days ago, several members and myself talked about compiling a list of the greatest, funniest, or wackiest quotes from the members of the Red Company. If you know or remember any such quotes, please don't hesitate ...
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[Pinned] The Red Company Uniform Cosmetics - Policy

As a couple of kinsfolk have asked what the exact policy for the uniform is:Uniform Official Policy The Kinship uniform is only compulsory for instances/raids because it sets us apart from other members of the raid (and the red/crimson is very dis...
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[Pinned] The Red Company Facebook Page.

Greetings Kinsfolk,Always been interested in what your other Kinsmen do?There story's,adventures,video's and pictures.Or are you that Kinsmen that always wanted to share your story's,andventures,pictures and videos with the other Kinsmen?Now you c...
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Short Story II

The deck of the Umbarrim ship is slick with blood.The bodies of her crew lie strewn where they fell, most of them with blades still in hand. Some of them, those who were knocked or pushed overboard, lie facedown in water that’s thick with debris a...
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Short Story

(Hope you guys enjoy this! I wrote it late last night. I even chose a soundtrack for it, and I really think the music helps enhance the setting: Enjoy! )They never tell you how muddy the battlefield get...
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Raskjarn is having logging problems...

Can't say when I'm able to play again. Depends when SSG notices my ticket and fixes the issue :/Wish me luck that I get back to Middle Earth soon! :)
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Safe Travels

After some reflection, I feel it is time to say goodbye to the Red Company. Thank you to the kinfolk who have made an effort to attend the Friday night raids in the last year. I hope you enjoyed them and had lots of fun! Your friendships, company,...
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Hello folks,As you already might know we recently became parents of a sweet baby daughter. Johanna Carlota was born on April 17th and is making us very happy and tired ;-)I hope you do not miss me over-much, I shall return! Now, I need to warm up ...
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It's that time of year again...

Just thought I would let those of you who aren't aware know where I've disappeared off to (even more disappear-y than normal...)My second year exams are just around the corner ( :( ), so I don't have the time or energy for anything else right now....
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Absent time

Greetings my dear kinsmen,I have some time to log in with any of my chars. This is because i'm working for many and tiring hours right now, but i plan on returning at the game as soon as possible. Safe travels to all ^^
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Goodbye, and safe travels.

Hey everyone, Ron here with a bit of a sad announcement. As you can probably guess by the title, the time has come for my departure from the kin. Before I get into the reasons for my departure I would like to thank you all so much for the past 7 m...
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Hey allI'll be off for the next 3 or so weeks due to exams. Try not to miss me too me too much ;)Your favourite secret dictator puppetmaster elf, Arstelle
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Time out for Sara

I will be taking some time out from the Red Company and LOTRO for a little while. My VIP ran out a few days ago, and due to finances I have no plans to renew anytime soon. As well, I'm feeling burnt out from the game's immense grind for essences t...
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Hello dear kinnies. I left the kinship and just want to bid you guys and girls farewell. I am not playing LOTRO or any other games at the moment - the real life is too demanding at this point. I am sure I'll come back one day. It may even be soone...
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Alien Swarm

As I am very much enjoying this game and hope you will feel alike, I would like to promote Alien Swarm to all of you. It is a freebie on Steam.4 Players coop, top-down sight, battle aliens and try not to get swarmed on a series of missions that fo...
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Sadly I must take my leave

I didn't want to just leave the Kin and not say goodbye, so I wanted to thank you for the time you have allowed me to hang out with you and the nice conversations I've had with several of you. Sadly, i just don't think this Kin is a good fit for m...
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This bug is nasty. Been in bed virtually all week. I may not be around for raiding tomorrow or Saturday.keep up the good fighthugs Monbretia
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A period of absense.

Hiho kind people of The Red Company.Yesterday evening, whilst being in a particularly nasty fight with a orc I got a little too much into the fight, and accidentally threw my very large cup of freshly made hot tea all over my laptop. This is the f...
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Absent a bit.

Sorry, this comes after I've already been absent quite a while, but anyway. I'm quite busy at the moment with the new job, living in a new place, the Christmas season where I work more... simply not in the mood for playing much. I'll definitely be...
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Busy Bee

Just letting everyone know that my game time is more limited than usual. My little online business is very occupied around the Christmas holidays and I'm unable to be in-game most days.However, I will do my best to set aside time for the Friday an...
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