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10 March 2017, 8pm UK time : OD - Wound and Fear Wing T1

Friday Night 105 Group will be doing Ost Dunhoth, Wound and Fear Wing, if we have enough players.SIGN UP FOR THE RAID on the EVENT PAGE. Priority will be given to players who have signed up.If you have not done OD yet, you MUST get the Exploration...
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Saralethiel565Member avatar small Lecnal 108d
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I will miss the raid because

I thought I'd open this new thread where folks can say, even at the last minute, that they can't make the upcoming raid.And Rosamundi will miss tonight's raid because I'll be at a friend's party between 7 pm and 9 pm UK time. However, as this is t...
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Rosamundi4177Member avatar small Saralethiel 115d
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Lvl 100+ Instance Night

A friendly reminder that Fridays are level 100+ Instance nights! If you are level 100 - 105 (or close to 100!) and want to group up for instance / skirmish / raid, join Saralethiel at 3:00 servertime. :)Dependent on who shows up Fridays, I will ba...
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Saralethiel26776Member avatar small Saralethiel 148d
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Raids, Skirmishes & Instances.

Please let me or Adilyr know which Raids, Skirmishes or Instances you would like to run with a group and we will see if we can accomodate you as soon as possible.
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Lantharion Seregruthon311177Member avatar small Rosamundi 201d
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Radhril is ......

Today I hung the horse shoe round my neck. I broke the cap level.
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Monbretia Umbridge9243Small Adilyr Nolondil 238d
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RAIDING PLAN [29.08-27.09]

Is there a chance that somebody could write a plan (or create one) for next month concidering the raiding evenings?Weekends are mostly time for setting up any meetings in real life, we are making raids on many lvls - I'm interested in those for th...
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Tokilek0151Small Tokilek 1y
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Flight to the lonely mountain

The flight to the lonely mountain is a strange raid unlike others. I self do understand only few and found here a guide. I just wanted to warn you guys for this evil joke of Turbine. It has come in my own surely-not-to-do-list, if not I had to com...
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Children Of Rossiel Dedicated Raid Group.

Starting tomorrow, we will be trying to run DAILY BB runs to get every body the best jewellery (outside of the level 40 lootboxes) that you can get for level 40. If interested in running BB's in duo groups, please be sure to be on at about 8 pm GM...
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Lantharion Seregruthon0122Small Lantharion Seregruthon 1y
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