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[Pinned] Halloween Party

[Pinned] Halloween Party

Saterday the 28th of October,we will organise a Halloween Party.And what is a Halloween Party without a awsome Costume?As the Fall festival is beginning this week,and also in Halloween style,you can try to get a great costum there :)I will let you...
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[Pinned] List of year round events

Here is a list of events held every year. Keep an eye out on these dates, as we will host kin-wide events. When the events grow near, I will inform you through in-game mail about what we will do. In the main time, if you have an idea for an event,...
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Halloween Kin weekend event!

Greetings Kinsmen and Woman!Halloween is almost here and most of you are probably already getting into the spirit through the festivities at the festivalFor the third time I am organising a Kin Halloween party,with the exception that we have a who...
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RESULTS Harnkegger Games 2017

DAY 1 - Monday Sep 11Race of Men Take the Lead After Day 1In what was a nail-bitingly exciting Spike Jump Event that ended in a "sudden death jump-off" for the Gold, the Race of Men took the lead with 4 points, followed by the Elves with 2 points....
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Harnkegger Games 6

Harnkegger is nearly upon us! Uphold the glory and honour of The Red Company by taking part!Events include swimming, cross country running, sprinting, jumping on spikes, running barefoot over fire, fishing, running backwards while drunk, original...
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Weatherstock IX - this year, 3 RC members are taking part!

Check out The Rolling Kegs site! poster for this year's Weatherstock concert series, featuring 3 of our own Red Company members! Our assigned time to play is at 2:30-3:00 pm on July 8th, Festival Grounds Stage, Bre...
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A Party!

Greetings Kinnies!Tomorrow Radix Lecti will celebrate their 10 year Anniversary with an Event,and The Redstable Revellers will be playing music at that Party!Below you will find the links to everything you want to know :)
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Tolkein Professor tonight

Today!The Tolkien Professor - Lotro in Middle Earth LectureFeb 21, 2017 at 8 UK time in the Bree Scholar Hall
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Winterstock IV, LANDROVAL SERVER, Ice Lake below Thorin's Halls

As you may know, Winterstock is nearly upon us. Last year, 40 bands played. This is not a competition! Rather, it is a celebration of music, made and performed by the LotRO community.This year, my Dwarf band, The Rolling Kegs, will play a 1 hour s...
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Harnkegger games 2016 year i am going to do my best to attend and i am definatly going to pile up tons of treats for this 😊 i think i am going to aim for the swim , fence running and the poetry contest *if i can manag...
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A bit late in posting this, as Weatherstock is already happening at this moment! But I'll be on Landroval server on my character Sarawenn lvl 105 Captain.If you'll be there too, please say hello and maybe we can all sit together for the concert! I...
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Easter Events

Greetings everyone,Coming weekend it's Easter. And to celebrate this, we're going to do the following.Sunday the 27th of March there will be a chickenrun. It starts at 8PM GMT and will be lead by one of the other officers, as I myself can't make i...
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St. Patrick's Day Event

Coming Thursday, the 17th of March, it's St. Patrick's Day. For that evening, we're hosting a special raid. It starts at 8PM GMT and we expect you to dress up all in greens or as goofy and funny as you can. The person that has the best outfit will...
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Kin B-day Week!

As we celebrate our kin's birthday (and the band's!) we will be hosting events for this entire week! Here is what we are going to do:Monday 29th: Bandnight (with free drinks) + Lore QuizTuesday 1st: Party RPWednessday 2nd: Treasure HuntThursday 3r...
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Event: Secret Love

Greetings everyoneThe days of love are upon us. Gifts are to be given, letters to be written, Sam needs a little shove in the right direction and our Precious has to be found. To spread the love we are hosting a kin-wide event from Sunday 14th of ...
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