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[Pinned] New lore
Lore discussion

[Pinned] New lore

I made a new thread in a new section of the Roleplay forum. Based on the brainstorm thread, here is the best spot if you have any questions yet about the children of Rossiel or the red company. Also, you can bring up ideas here regarding what kind...
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Lore discussion

[Council] #3 - The way to go

to resume what we already established: First we generally decided we wanted to head for a general kin of the free peoples of Eriador (or middle-earth) in the purpose of common defense. With this, it's fine the DĂșnedain are the roots, but we didn't...
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Lore discussion

[Council] #2 - of the DĂșnedain of the red company

Okay, finally I decided it is just better to move on with the council. There's no clue about when Aedree comes back, so I asked Nant to jump in voluntarily and temporarily as fifth member of the council.I almost forgot about the previous things we...
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Lore discussion

[council] #1 - visions

As I said in my announcement, the first thing we were going to do is to make clear our visions. One of the reasons the council is formed is because everyone has had a different interpretation of the red company. What we will try to do here is sort...
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Lore discussion

The people index

I was also thinking about another possible issue we could have. Besides our kin-wide stories we wish to work out our personal. But in that may come a lot of characters, and with many characters for every player we would soon lose track of all peop...
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