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Rank: Kinsman
Online: 2 days ago
Joined: Jan 15, 2015
Nick Name: Thomas
Gender: Male
Country: Belgium
State/Province: Flanders
I am one of the officers of The Red Company. i am appointed as PRO, which is the abreviation of Public Relation Officer.

I'm responsible for quite a few things in this kinship. I am the one who holds the roster on this website, but also the roster in the game intact by removing those who exceeded our time-out and promoting those who fit the requirements. I'm also the executive representative for the final results of images or video's of the kin (though this doesn't hold my fellow-officers for making excellent creation). In many cases the material is not my own creation and belongs to other people. In general, I am the author of messages on our social media. These include Twitter, Facebook and Steam. I am also the person who makes a record of the weeks going-ons and I present them in a weekly update to inform you all; also the lesser active players. Besides that, I posess maintenance of our page on the Laurelin Archives. I also would consider myself responsible for supervising that all decisions made, important announcements, etc. are made clear to the players of the kinship.

In long terms, I have the desire and objective to make the working of the Red Company smoother, to add positively to the atmosphere and to see our group expand in number, interests and participation in events from various different channels and media.

I am a dedicated completionist and like to roleplay in the future again, a part of the game for which I bear high respect but have difficulties to maintain as a skill. I do a bit of everything of the game and am one of the few who can be considered to love a grind.
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