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Theogorn / Jan 29, 2017 / news

First of all: attention: next Tuesday is deed evening and NOT roleplay. Secondly, the raids we performed: we did, to say it simply, a lot. On Friday we did not complete the 12-man raid Throne of the dread terror, and after that we completed the FI Sari-Surma! on Saturday it was officially CoR, but this turned entirely into a failure. out of misery, we decided to do... more Featured instances! Concerning deeding, at some late hour we worked on some deeds in Forochel after all. We did Worms and Gauredain.

Also, for some organisational reasons, Sara takes over leadership of the next 4-5 Friday runs (if she wasn't in charge already).

Happy raiding. en Nant is 29 years old now, wish her a belated happy birthday!

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Jan 22, 2017 / news

Resuming the (short and quiet) week: Friday our co-raidleader Saralethiel led our forces into the quays of Harlond and the Silent street (lvl 105). Saturday We completed, with some effort and trouble, the foundry on tier 2 and we archieved the challenge! This week we had no roleplay, since Calebriorn was unavailable at that moment and it was pretty quiet.

The officers did have a meeting to discuss things. Congratulations to CALEBRIORN for contributing in the community with a suggestion about more advanced roll systems. Unfortunately, we majority of the officers was against this way. We also discussed the state of roleplay. The officers agreed they're sick of the bad state of this event and that we have no proper community, nor a fitting officer for the task. Therefore, we declare the roleplay temporarily on hold. We officers are not obligated to come on RP-events and are not leading it or supporting it for the time-being. But members are allowed to do free roleplay on their own initiatives, on condition that existant background is not alternated. (That is our theme: defence of Eriador, and what is writting out on the Laurelin archives. The discussed content of the council you should not hold in mind.) Our sincere apologies to any existant roleplayers about these sad tidings, but we do not have the abilities to our disposal.

Lastly, we also make our alliance with Durin's Folk temporarily on hold for some reasons about which we are very discreet. Sadly, we will not elaborate too much on why this move. We are having negotiations with our allies.

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Jan 15, 2017 / news

The heroes of the red company continue their journey from Ost Guruth into the wilds. They're dedicated to cross the fords of Bruinen towards Rivendell. In the meantime, our men succeeded in many tasks across Middle-Earth. Wednesday, CELEBRINHIEL, DOLVETHIR, THEOGORN and RALEDWYN protected The roots of Fangorn. Friday we had an insane amount of capped players online and for the first time we set up Throne of the dread terror, the recent 12-man raid. Saturday Adilyr and his companions ran succesfully the pits of Isengard, T2 while Dolvethir and the others completed Silent Street with good armour drops for several of our players. However, also for deeding in the North Downs we had 12 people online (too many to give personal credits). With that in mind, we booked a great succes this week. Congratulations to everyone! If we continue this way, we'll smash Sauron and his minions into pieces.

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Jan 08, 2017 / news

First of all, welcome back ADILYR, congratulations you made it home and in game (alive), we missed you.

RP brought us into Ost Guruth where the journey to Eregion is depicted, and the plots are winding on. Unfortunately, RADHRIL decided to leave us (only on her main char, not her alts!) to search other RP also. She was a valuable ally and we greet her with respect. This was her last RP event and we hope it was brought to a satisfying end.

concerning the deeds, kinsfolk including CELEBRINHIEL, AEGATHEL, RONIMLI, BATISOB, MINMAR, PADRIL, VLADSTAN, BARIEN and REAGNUIR joined in Carn Dûm or Urugarth. Friday consisted a skraid in the 21st hall and the Silent Street, where MERIYA and DANDALIAN stood strong and steady when all others were defeated; they did not leave Middle-Earth to its fate! Saturday was dedicated to CoR and after some time they finally broke through the acid wing of the tower of Orthanc.

If you have any questions or need assistance, ask around. ;)

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Jan 02, 2017 / news

This week, we succesfully held a performance on Tuesday by The Redstable Revellers in Frostbluff. Thanks to NANTEANA, RISELA, MAUREDIL, THEOGORN, ROSAMUNDI and GLORIESK of Durin's Folk. We played our annual Christmas setlist. There was pleasure and laughter, and food was shared. Next Tuesday, we proceed the original plotline of RP.

Thursday we ran some deeds in the Lone-lands. Friday the red company finished the roving threats of Angmar and completed Haud Valandil, the featured instance of that week. Saturday was no official raiding evening, as it was newyears eve. hence it was maybe not the busiest week.

If you desire to remain updated of the recent events in the red company, stay tuned!

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Dec 26, 2016 / news

For RP, this week we discussed more about the fate of the green orb, Calebriorns sword and Radhrils ring. The company decided to journey to Eregion to resolve some mysteries that remained, up to now, in the darkness.

Concerning the raids, friday MERIYA, LANTHARION and SARADHWEN completed the featured instance Fornost: wraith of water. After that, they also did Fornost: wraith of shadow. we did also the skirmish Strike against Dannenglor. Saturday we practiced Meriya's famed games: the keg & hole races, where you are randomly dropped in Middle-Earth and should get to Meriya's house as fast as you can.

Sunday we made a nice Christmas screenshot and posted it on our social media. Afterwards, we decided to hold a snowball fight in Frostbluff.

Merry Christmas and Happy newyear!

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Dec 19, 2016 / news

In the past two weeks our members have been talking on the forums about the roleplay. however, the officers have the impression that the roleplay of this week and the week before was actually not that bad. Hence we decide, as long as this behaviour remains steady, to keep advancing this way. We used the roll system of the game, which may have made some fun movements. :)

Deeds got interesting too this time. It was MERIYA herself who suggested doing spider slayers in mirkwood. It's said that all of us conquer their fears. Friday (Edit: Saturday) a queer group played Fornost: Bazzenturg (Rosamundi), Farahel (Meriya), Torbalin (Radhril), Aedest (Gildoin), and Emyndur (Lantharion) (Edit: and Noella [Nanteana]). we did the featured instance Sari-Surma on Saturday and we completed the maze and the great barrow succesfully as well!

Exams have largely passed for all our students and after a quiet period we're somewhat living up again. Holidays are coming near and merry Christmas!

Theogorn, PRO
Theogorn / Dec 04, 2016 / news
hello everybody,

Our first test run with Durins' Folk was succesful! we managed skirmish: Siege of Gondamon (12 men) and Barad Guldur (lvl105, 12 men). We guess this is not yet the end, an alliance is upcoming. we also did the box-run Fornost: wraith of fire.

We officers have had a short discussion about considering to move our RP to Thursdays, although it would be a bad time to test with people being unavailable. So we're asking to you, would we try to test this change to Thursdays right away or wait until January before trying this?

RP was okay, there were sort of 3 or 4 people on, so it wasn't too bad. NATEANA, CALEBRIORN, SAMMUL, ETHELAISY and RADHRIL performed something nice.

also, THE REDSTABLE REVELLERS played Sunday night on an event of THE KNIGHTS OF ERIADOR. congratulations. screenshots of the raids and event you can soon find on our media.