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This is the list of everyone who is able to provide crafting assistance. This page is editable by anyone who is a member of this website, so please add yourself to the list and update the information as often as possible. As well as a method of finding someone to craft your gear, it also serves as a way of telling others who they can send their spare mats to.

Please do not make any major changes to this page - Just add your characters and information about their crafting. If you accidentally delete anything, please inform Meriya immediately.

Include character name, maximum tier, mats which you are most in need of, and any additional information.

Eloenaduial: T10 - Anorien level, mastered. Just tell me what you need grown.

Meriya: T9 - I have no farmer at the moment, so you will need to send me all farmed ingredients.
Theogorn: T4 - Guilded
Merabella T5 - cook and farmer, at your service!
Egafridith: T7 need T6+ barley / fruit / veg if you have any spare.

Saralethiel: T9. Can turn hides into leather and process woods.
Ronimli: T3

Meriya: T9 - Could always do with more ingots (esp Calenard).
Theogorn: T5
Egafridith: T6 Guilded- could do with more ingots / gems and recipes T5+
Thalsori: T9 Guild Maxed - You'll have to send me the mats though :)

Cynanfled: T6 - Very low on all recipes.
Sterling: T9 Guild Maxed

Egafridith: T6
Ronimli: T3 Contact me for ores and ingots, can't use em.

Nimhila: T4 - Low on T3/4 recipes.

Cynanfled: T6 - Very low on all recipes, and could use more exceptional hides/leathers.
Nanteana: T7 - Low on Recepies for supreme and westfold basicly Hides of any kind are Always welcome
Heavensdark T9- let me know if you need anything
Ronimli: T3

Nimhila: T4 - Low on T3/4 recipes.

Risela: T7 - Missing a few T2/4/6 recipes, and very low on T7/8 recipes.
Saralethiel: T9 - Maxed with Guild. Let me know what you want crafted, and I will let you know which mats are needed. I can craft Supreme and Greater Essences of CRITICAL RATING and PARRYING.