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To ensure the continued growth of the kinship, we need to recruit regularly. Everyone is encouraged to advertise the kinship, and pass the names of any potential members onto one of the officers. This normally involves posting on world, using the message below:

The Third Age wanes, and the world of Men is besieged. We Free People of the Red Company defend Bree, its people and the North. Will you stand with us? (Rank 10, with regular raids and more. We're friendly and assist each other with crafting/quests. Open to all races. New players and folk from empty kins especially welcome.

This message will change sometimes, so it would be advisable to check occasionally.

Please ensure that no one posts this more than once every hour and a half, so that we don't spam. We also encourage recruiting whilst rping, by telling the people you are rping with about The Red Company.

To ensure that only people who are suitable for the kin are recruited, it is important to talk to them to gain an idea of how suitable they will be. This may involve asking them if they have any questions, what they are interested in within LOTRO, or (if they are a rper) what their backstory is. If you think they will fit in the kinship, you should refer them to an officer who can recruit them. If you are unsure, you should also refer them to an officer.

Before you start recruiting for the first time, or if you have any questions or issues, contact Meriya or Adilyr.