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About Us
The Red Company is a social group play-oriented, lore-observant kinship on the Laurelin server, who also do RP, crafting, questing, casual events and more. We're an extremely friendly community, and are always willing to help or answer questions. We're a group of friends who want to enjoy LOTRO and each others' company.

We have several weekly events in the evenings: Group instances, RP, Epic Battles and deed evenings. We also organise parties on special occasions.

The kinship is EU-based, which means that most of our members are European, we are busiest during EU evenings, and all of our events are scheduled in the EU evening. However, there are also plenty of people from across the world.

If you want to ask anything about the kinship, you can contact any of our members in-game. If you are interested in joining, contact one of the officers in-game. You can make an account on this website when you have been accepted in-game.
Nanteana / Nov 11, 2018 / news

Greetings Kinsmen and Woman,The new legendary servers Arnor and Ithil are up,and yesterday I created a Red Company on Ithil server aswell.If you are intrested in joining please do so! (You need VIP)An experiance back into the old days,old content ...

Nanteana / May 06, 2018 / news

Greetings,Monday :Sigrun and Adilyr went into Nearband in Mordor to do what needed to be done,although he left Sigrun in the firespits al alone to face the heat,he came back and all pages were found.Tueseday:Cen...

Nanteana / Apr 17, 2018 / news

Dear Kinsmen and Woman,Last week was a nice week.On Monday Theogorn and Adilyr together fased the fears of Nearband and finished of the evil in there.Tueseday brought Meriya,Hadbarnd and Blorlo into Barad Gularan and Urugarth,and defeated all in t...

Nanteana / Apr 10, 2018 / announcements

Monday : Moody Mordor Monday: Udun this weekTueseday: Deed-evening Let us know if you have unfinished deeds and we will aid you finishing them.Wednesday: No eventThursday: Tales and Travels: Join our adventures in RP Lone lands led by Sigrun have...