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Level 105+ Raid Evening

Date: Mar 30, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Category: Raids
Alliance Event: Yes
Every Friday The Red Company runs level cap content, this includes Fellowship Instances, Raids, and occasionally Roving Threats.

Players from both our kin and allies are welcome to join by signing up for the run here on the calendar. Priority spot is given to players who have signed up for the run. Please come prepared with pots, food, armour repaired, and ready to join us on Teamspeak (or Discord). It's very important that you also arrive on time. We give a leeway time of 15 minutes maximum. After that, your spot will either be filled by another player, or we will choose another instance to run.

For more information, contact Saralethiel.
Tank (0)


Damage (1)

2. Saralethiel Hunter

Support (1)

1. Katrandil Captain


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Hey guys, nothing was finalized whether or not we were doing Abyss for Friday, but we'll see who's online. As it stands, my Hunter is not geared well enough with Light of Earendil, so I will join only to fill the group. Depending on who is online, we can do other content if there are not enough players for Abyss.


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