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Rioghnach ('Queen-like' in Rohirric) was born to a noble woman from Fenmarch along the Mering Stream in Eastfold. Her father was an exile from Gil-galad's army three thousand years before, Avaranga ('Unwilling Steel') the Elf, Too much occupied - to the point of obsession - with his family and thus avoiding his duties during the ongoing siege of Barad Dur (in the last years of the Second Age), soon he found himself expelled from the host of the Elven King and stripped of his assets.

His beloved wife died in the wilderness as a result of their banishment and its hardships, and he grieved deeply - blaming the Elven lords.

Ultimately, Avaranga wandered South until he came to the Green Lands of Rohan, where he proved himself quite capable an animal handler. He won the heart of a rich stable-mistress for whom he was working, and seduced her into making love to him.

But Elves are generally feared and mistrusted in the Mark. And, as a result, Rioghnach inherited both respect and mistrust of her own folk. Accused of practising witchcraft - due to her inherited Elf-like qualities - she was ultimately banished, not to return until she repents by taking pilgrimage to the ghastly ruins of the North and back again.

It seems that the legacy and curse of the Elven exile is to share with all his close ones the hardships of his outcast's condition.

Little does Rioghnach know that she is the second and much younger child to be born to Avaranga, the other being Eloen Aduial, an elf maiden three thousand years elder than her, and the main reason of her father's falling from grace.

Could there be a reconcillation and understanding between those two half-sisters, when they happen to learn about each other? This will come as a shock to both. Time will tell.
Êl síla erin lû e-govaned 'wîn - The star shines upon the hour of our meeting.
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