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#13094554 Feb 27, 2017 at 06:44 PM
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There has been some discussion over the last few weeks regarding the Children of Rossiel and their progression to L85. As most of you know, I left the ultimate decision to a subset of the officers to decide and stated that I would abide by whatever decision they made but reaching consensus has been more difficult than anticipated.

The current situation with the Children is that:
  • [*]The current level is 75
  • We have completed all L75 instance content except Draigoch. Of the Isengard instances, most of the cluster has been completed at Tier 2 but the last wings of Orthanc (and the confrontation with Saruman were only completed on Tier1).

We are currently capable of fielding CoR 6 man groups, but are not capable of fielding 12 man groups except by bringing in outside assistance (such as the Exiles) or other members from the kinship or 'World' who are not, generally, of appropriate level or equipage.

There are good arguments for and against removing the XP disablers and proceeding to L85. I understand these arguments and will list them below, but before I proceed it is important to recall one essential point that constantly gets lost in these discussions and of which I must constantly remind people.
When I suggested the Children of Rossiel idea I laid on the website what would be required. The very first requirement was:

'An alternate character slot - that can be dedicated to the raid group'

Thus, it was envisaged that these characters would be alts - and therefore would not be the players' primary concern/focus. This in theory would allow the group to progress at a pace that suited everyone.

Whilst the argument can be made that we have been holding at L75 for 5 months, it is also a simple fact that very little L75 Tier 2 has actually been run. I'm not sure that all members of CoR have actually completed the L75 3 and 6 mans (I am thinking in particular of Pits of Isengard).

Keeping in mind the two points above. I see the arguments in favour of, and against, removing the stones, as follows:

For removing the stones:

  • We have been at L75 for long enough (5-6) and members are eager to press on.
  • [list]
  • There isn't any content left at L75 that we are able to complete strictly to CoR requirements (we can't build a strict L75 man group at the best of times).

  • Members are eager to get these maximised characters (who have excellent virtues and core character stats (through stat tomes etc.) to level cap in order to use them on level cap instances.
  • The CoR was started almost two years ago, and it's important that we press on to finish it off.

Against removing the stones:

  • As stated above, these are not our primary characters, therefore there shouldn't be any pressure to move forward - either to L85 or to level cap.
  • [list]
  • We have not actually completed at L75 what we set out to do - which was to complete all content at Tier 2 and at appropriate level.

  • Taking off the stones means that we must make an effort to max out our characters again at L85 just when folk are concentrating on getting their L105 characters optimised.
  • If we rush these characters through to L85 and then onto to L105, some of us will have no characters in that level range when we want to run raid content at those levels on Saturday raid evenings (if other kinship members want to run try Orthanc etc.)

Last Consideration - Fionn

As we know, Fionn does not have much availability at the moment, and the situation is only going to get worse for her as exam time approaches. It is highly unlikely that Fionn will be able to maximise Aegathel at L85, much less participate in CoR instances - in which case CoR loses another core member. Based on last year, it is probable that Fionn will not return to regular availability until after her exams in 3-4 months (May/June).

It is therefore likely that Fionn will miss the L85 content completely. This is not ideal, but it is the follow-on that is more serious.

As we know, the L85 content is not challenging or particularly long, and I would anticipate that we will get through it very quickly. Following completion of L85, we will then take off the stones and go to L100.

L100 instances require slotted armour and investment of time re: essences etc. The simple fact is that, as a stubborn FTP player, Fionn is not going to be able to get Aegathel CoR ready at L100 - even if she has time during the Summer, she will have difficulty with vault space, essence crafting, and all the other things that VIPs take for granted.

L105 instances require even more effort and TPs (solvents) - thus it will be even harder for Fionn here to get Aegathel Tier2 ready at L105 (Meriya herself is barely optimised as is).

Thus taking the stones off, we must realise that we are probably going to lose Aegathel as a CoR member also.


Weighing the above, there is clearly no ideal solution. Going forward the core CoR group would be: Talgred/Lantharion/Cenalith/Araler/Radhril - with possible help from others but whose reliability is not guaranteed ( I understand that Bregnuir is considering putting his captain in shape at L85 for CoR - that would be very useful).

I must consider:
  1. The commitment that everyone has shown so far and;
  • The fact that there is no content that we can really do within our own strict requirements at L75 now (based on last Saturday night I don't believe that Draigoch is achievable without a lot of practice and I don't believe that people are prepared to commit the time required to master the FM timings).

As a result, I am making the decision that we remove the XP disablers and advance to L85 as soon as practicable.

#13094594 Feb 27, 2017 at 07:00 PM
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Thank you very much for this very clear and thorough examination of our current CoR situation, Adliyr. However, I would like to point out that we might yet have something we could do at level 75, and that is Fornost T2, as you may recall our first try didn't end so well, but by now we all know our class a lot better, we understand mechanics a lot better, and above all, we are a lot stronger as a group. And something else that also might be a consideration is that all of the Fornost Instances are 6- mans. Which is what we currently can field.
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Hey, sorry for being absent lately but I've sadly not had the motivation to log on in recent weeks. That said, I wouldn't get hung up on clearing all of T2 Orthanc as the poor implementation of low level scaling makes it imbalanced compared to the original iteration. If you feel like you're finished with the content that level 75 has to offer I wouldn't hold it against you to advance to level 105 at this point (there's no reason to stop anywhere between 75 and 105).

Still, don't hesitate to reach out if you do decide to stay a 75 for a little while longer and need a hand with anything (Adilyr can contact me on steam).
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