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Hvithir (a master jeweller dwarf from Erebor) Dolfithir
Ethelaisy (a Rohirrim woman) Aralar
Trana, a young dwarven scholar from the
Blue mountains Cambarian
Calmer a wondering bard from Dale Calmer

Off stage
Blorlo a hobbit of Harfoot decent Nantena
Monbretia a hobbit from the shire Sigrun
Befony ( a young hobbit sister to Blorlo) Sigrun
Galanthia (mother to Blorolo and Befony) Voiced by Sigrun


Combe and Watle Inn

After the exciting story told by Ethelaisly Trana retired once again upstairs to her room to scribe what she had learnt about fighting orcs.

Whilst Ethelaisly and Befony ordered some refreshments another hobbit entered the inn dressed smartly in a red hauberk. Oddly this hobbit wore boots. On hearing Ethellaisly and Befony mention blueberry muffins she came over and introduced herself as Nanteana of the Red Company. Ethelaisly recounted that she had been to Red Company’s Kin Hall, albeit briefly and that she had met a hobbit Blorlo Nanteana confirmed that she also knew Blorlo and wondered where he was. It was of some concern to them all that Blorlo and been away for such a long time.

After finishing their refreshments and Ethelasisly showing Befony her Halberdwhere and informing Nanteana of the recent events’ Stories, Orcs and Rohan where Ancthelm was also mentioned. Nanteana was able to answer some of the questions about “What happened to Ancthelm where is his brother Ancthan?”

Nanteana told them that Ancthelm died defending the Kin Hall but Ancthan’s fate was much more disturbing. Ancthan was unlike his brother and Ethelaisly, he was no fighter but a farmer. One day he came home with a sword. No one knew where he got it. That sword never left his side and over time he became less and less himself. The Red Company sought help first from Lord Elrond and then from Lady Galandriel to cleanse Acthan of the sword’s influence. But after each cleansing the possession returned. And now no one knows where he is and it has been months since anyone has seen him.
#13275788 May 31, 2017 at 11:25 PM
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Adding to this post as there isn't a new one:

If there is RP planned tomorrow, I don't know if I can participate. I cannot currently get the game to start. According to the forum, I'm not the only one either.
#13276405 Jun 01, 2017 at 09:54 AM
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Got it to work, can be online if things happen.
#13285219 Jun 06, 2017 at 09:03 AM
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My duties as Raid-officer will keep me away from the RP for this Thursday.
(Made a promise to some kinsmen who can only be on on Thursday evenings).
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