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Ethelaisy (a Rohirrim woman) Aralar
Trana, a young dwarven scholar from the
Blue mountains Cambarian
Nantena a Hobbit, seneschal to the Red Company Nantena
Befony ( a young hobbit sister to Blorlo) Sigrun
Galanthia (mother to Blorolo and Befony) Voiced by Sigrun

Off stage

Blorlo a hobbit of Harfoot decent Nantena
Monbretia a hobbit from the shire Sigrun

Hvithir (a master jeweller dwarf from Erebor) Dolfithir
Calmer a wondering bard from Dale Calmer

Some hours after the stirring tales told by Eathelaisly and Nantena, Befony is earning the keep of her mother and herself by cleaning the Inn. Ethelaisly returns from a walk she has taken to calm her emotions. Nantena has also gone to visit a bard which she believes is visiting Combe. Both Hivithir and Blorlo have not returned and Trana is still scribing. When Befony sees Ethelasily she stops sweeping and comes over. She assures Ethelaisly that she was not upset by what she had said and the two talk about what the Rohirrim and Breelander and Hobbits do to mark the dyeing of a close one. Befony alights upon the idea that Ethelaisly and she shall hold a party with cake so everyone can say nice things about Ancthelm and Popa. Ethelaisly shows Befony a simple necklace with a wooden carving of a horse’s head dangling from it. She tells Befony that Ancthelm made it and gave it to her some time later as a token of his regard as the two of them were betrothed. Ancthan also made one and Ethelaisly has a suspicion who Ancthan might have given it too. Ethelaisly deflects Befony’s further questions by reminding her that she is cleaning and ought to get back to her task..
The players shall meet the next morning.
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Trana can be there and do things. :-)
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