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Combe and Wattle Inn


Ethelaisy (a Rohirrim woman) Aralar
Trana, a young dwarven scholar from the
Blue mountains Cambarian
Befony ( a young hobbit sister to Blorlo) Sigrun
Galanthia (mother to Blorolo and Befony) Voiced by Sigrun

Off stage
Blorlo a hobbit of Harfoot decent Nantena
Monbretia a hobbit from the shire Sigrun
Nantena a Hobbit, seneschal to the Red Company Nantena
Hvithir (a master jeweller dwarf from Erebor) Dolfithir
Calmer a wondering bard from Dale Calmer

After Breakfast Galanthia asks to speak to Trana and Ethelaisly. One of the contents of Befony’s basket, the folded parchment is revealed to be a map. Galanthia admits to Trana that the long lost book that Trana’s family sunk their family fortunes in, was being carried on the same caravan from Erebor to the Blue Mountains as the one that Hivithir, Galanthia, Londo and Blorlo were on. When that caravan was ambushed by a group of orcs working, as now the group suspects, with a band of men, the leader of the caravan gave Londo and Galathia a box for them to hide and keep safe. It was only afterwards, once Galanthia, Londo and Blorlo were again travelling west after being succoured by elves did they discover that what was in the box but a book with the accompanying bill of sale and letter.

Now Londo, a member of the Digmound family which had close connections with the dwarves who traded through Bree, was able to recognise some of the symbols on the cover. Notable the symbol for locks. Trana was dismayed that a hobbit might know the secrete writings of the dwarves but Galanthia was able to assure the dwarf that Londo could not read he just recognised the symbol. Galatnthia recounted how excited Londo was about the book and was fascinated with it. Once they reached the LoneLands the small family peeled of from their travelling companions and they made their way across the Weather Hills and hence arrived in Archet. It was on this journey Londo hid the book and the map tells where he hid it.

The group agreed that they would go and find the book using the map which was somewhat vague just depicting some hills and a tower. The group agreed that Befony could go with them.

Next meeting later on the same day.
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