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#13494900 Oct 23, 2017 at 06:39 PM
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Greetings Kinsmen and Woman!

Halloween is almost here and most of you are probably already getting
into the spirit through the festivities at the festival
For the third time I am organising a Kin Halloween party,with the exception that
we have a whole weekend of fun this year!
Also I invited our good friends of Durin's Folk to join us
in celebrating the spirit of Halloween this weekend.
As promised below you can see the times and events for all three evenings.
Pick your event (Or just all of them hehe),and come join us!

Friday 27th of October

8PM BST/3PM servertime Opening Concert by The Redstable Revellers
8.30PM BST/3.30PM Servertime Wanderers in de Maze (Hide and Seek)
9.15PM BST/4.15PM Servertime Red Company Race!

Saturday 28th of October

8PM BST/3PM servertime Pitchfork Raid!
9PM BST/4PM servertime Red Company Kegg Race!

Sunday 29th of October

8PM BST/3PM servertime Halloween Party!!!
Dress-up contest (get that best Halloween outfit
and win!)
Maybe some music by The Redstable Revellers.
Drinks and food,and especialy allot of fun!

* Al the events starts in The Red Company Kinhouse : Breeland Homesteads,Redstable,5 Long Street.

Come and Join,win some prices and don't forget...Dress-up on sunday!

With regards,

Nanteana of the Fallohide.
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