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living in a hamlet not far from Bree. The community has representatives from the race of Eldar and Naugrim who have found a haven condusive to their needs. Records show that the name of the kin goes far back in time long before the fall of Fornost in TA 1409/10 and the demise of the last King of Arnor But the hamlet was established sometime, in the last few hundred years.

There are conflicting records and fables but it is likely that the Red Company was originally a military or a group of guards founded by a Lady Rossiel of Hardren daughter of a high ranking Numenorean Lord in the time of King Earendur It was during her life time that the kingdom of Arnor split into three lesser kingdoms, Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur. She and her husband Andarth of Dol Hardren were loyal to King Amlaith of Arthedain the eldest son of King Earendur. It appears that her husband Andarth of Dol Hardren died in a skirmish by the hand of the Prince of Cardolan nephew to King Amlaith . Accounts tell that he was engaged in one of many skirmishes in the weather hills where the three lesser kingdoms, fought to take control of Amun Sul and the Palantir of Annuminas that was held there.

Lady Rossiel was left a widow with young children. Under her guidance a large settlement grew, a sister town to Bree called Halhiril close to the River Banranduin. The town supported the trading route along the east west road from Bree to the Tower Hills which skirted the elven lands of Lindon, and Dwarrow region of the Blue Mountains. In the following centauries Halhiril also made close connections with the Periannath of the Shire and Buckland. Its ruins are still visible from the road that connects Bree to the Shire.

After the fall of Fornost in TA 1409/10 and the defeat of the Witch King of Angmar’s forces the old lords of Numenorean were scattered and depleted in number to such an extent they could not regroup and rebuild the Northern Kingdom. But the Tergil, middle men and perainnath retreated to the old town of Bree and became prosperous expanding out to Archet, the hobbit township of Staddle and rebuilding other old settlements in the north. Bree was always an important trading post as it is positioned at the cross roads of the old North South Road connecting the two Numenorean kingdoms, Arnor and Gondor and the east West Road from Rivendell to Lindon and the Grey Mountains to the Blue Mountains.

Today The Red Company go about their daily business protecting and helping the good citizens of Bree and the surrounding areas. We lighten troubles where we can. We still have connections with the elusive Rangers (Dunedain) and also with the Elves of Rivendell and Lindon and the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, passing information back and for and assisting each other with keeping peace here as long as possible.

The Red Company has resurrected its old tradition of making a strike force referred to as the Children of Rossiel for the core members are indeed distant descendants of the Lady Rossiel. They have currently been called away to fight in the South.

Our archives hold many accounts of deeds and great moments of the glory of past battles that the Red Company fought in as well as small stories and accounts of deeds of kindness and adventure.
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