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I'm quite curious how forum-roleplay would turn out to be in this community, so by experiment I'm starting up a thread, just to see how our community reacts on it. I haven't put very much thought in it yet, but I wouldn't see why the rules would be different than existing rp in-game. (no powerplay etc.) I'll start off to introduce this experiment a bit... by this experiment, you whatever character you like (it doesn't have to be an existing char, this is the thing that makes forum-roleplay so much more flexible.)
It was a rainy Sunday in Bree. The lightning struck and the thunder was loud. puddles were all over the street, and almost no-one was outside. By consequence, many of travellers and merchants sheltered in the Prancing Pony. Men were playing cards, rose bets and threw dibs. Dwarves enjoyed fine beer. A young woman did the dish in the kitchen, and Barliman was talking overly much (too much) to new customers. The candles emitted a dim but warm glow that rekindled the spirits of all. One of the tables was occupied by a group of men, they sat in a circle, telling stories and rumors. What was all the hassle about?! they were laughing loudly. Tonight, the story was about the local shephard, who lived on the western edge of the town. He would've been threatened by a stranger of the Greenway. The men didn't exactly know for what he was threatened, or how, but threatened he was. And soon the gossip went all over the city. For both you and I know that gossips in Bree spread like fire: if one thing happens, soon all of the town knows. Probably threatened to harm the livestock, so assumed the men. One of the men was more distanced though. It was quite difficult to determine whether he was from bree or not, but dark eyes and hair he had. he listened to the tale. rather difficult to make out wat he found of the goss.. ehm, story. But the loudest rumour maker was appearently a good friend of his. Suddenly, he raised up, to get another pint from the bar. But then...


Yeah, what would happen then? now another character comes into this act. who?
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