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Monday : Moody Mordor Monday:Let's group up and face the evil in Mordor
Tueseday: Deed-evening,Let us know if there are any deeds you would like to
finish and we can help.
Wednesday:No events
Thurseday:Caranothrim,our journey in Buckland continues,where will it bring
us this week.
Friday :Lvl 100 and up raids/instances,warming up with a Skirm,after that
some serious stuff!
Saturday :Lower lvl raids/instances,if you have any request let us know.
Sunday :No events.

*All events start at 8PM BST/3PM servertime with a delay of 15 minutes max.
Would you like to join a raid,please make sure you are on Discord or TS,and
sign up at the
Calender on the website.
Link to our Discord :
Info on the Caranothrim can also be found on the website if you are interested in joining.

With Regards,

Nanteana of the Fallohide.
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