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#13783423 May 31, 2018 at 10:38 PM
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As most of you know, update 23 will take place in the first or second week of June. Here are the Bullroar notes, as of 31 May 2018

Bullroarer has been updated to build 2202.0059.9884.4237.


• Tactical HPS/DPS relics will be force unslotted with this update - you will be granted Relic Exchange Tokens allowing you to change the type of relic you want before reslotting them in your weapons. Relic exchange tokens can be turned in at:
o High-enchanter
o Master of Mordor Lore
• The following cosmetic items have been added to the Keeper of Mysteries and the Gorgoroth Steel-bound lootbox:
o Smaug's bones housing decoration, Uniform of the Laketown Watch cosmetic outfit selection box, Steeds of the Tireless mount selection box, Public Outhouse housing decoration, and the Eager Beaver cosmetic pet.
• Itemization - Gorgoroth Rewards Vendor has lowered its prices on Abyssal Essences from 1500 -> 850. The Abyss of Mordath -- Tier 2 deed is no longer required to barter at this vendor.
• A few pieces of quest gear have had their stats slightly updated.
• Captain armament armour bonuses have been slightly reworked so they properly scale with item level.
• Many javelins are now properly categorized as such in the Wardrobe.

Class Changes:

• Trait "Double Down" now accurately advertises that Provoke and Diversion have a chance to provide a Daze. Previously, it advertised a chance to apply a Gamble.

• Traits - Good Defense / Strong Offense no longer provides an AoE damage burst if the bubble is broken.

• Prey on the Weak now procs additional damage when any skill crits against a target with Slashing Wound.
• Substantially increased general Guardian instant skill damage (varies by skill).
• Overwhelm converts Deep Wound to Terrible Wound (higher intensity bleed, stacks with deep wound).
• Modestly decreased base bleed damage and LI Bleed bonus.
• Added bleed damage bonus to deeper wounds - affects Deep Wound and Terrible Wound.
• Reduced base bleed duration of some bleeds.
• Reduced AoE Targets on Challenge, and increased its cooldown.
• Non imbued AoE Target legacy updated to match imbued AoE DPS legacy (grants additional dmg rather than targets).
• Increased number of base targets on several Guardian AoE Skills.
• Put knockdown back on Brutal Charge.
• Guardian's Demoralizing Anthem now properly reduces Thrust cooldown.
• Smashing Stab now applies a standard 'Deep Wounds' bleed that should do meaningful damage.
• Fixed tooltip for 'Stoic' so it now properly describes rank 6 effect.
• Bolster simplified. Each rank now properly increases the magnitude of the critical defense bonus. Sting stun interaction was seriously buggy (and bad for tanking) and has been removed.
• Fixed tooltip for Radiate trait.

• Barbed Hindrance now only affects barbed arrow bleed as described.
• Audacity armor set bonus now properly buffs penetrating shot debuff. Its magnitude was reduced due to the improved effect.
• Fixed strength stance so that it actually does a decent multiplier effect.
• Generically tweaked most bow skill damage down slightly.
• Reduced Upshot and Barrage more significantly.
• Improved Exsanguinate (45s->25s cooldown, harder initial hit)
• Heartseeker bleed trait fix.
• Damage from the following traps now adjusts with increasing physical mastery: Set Trap, Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, and The One Trap. These traps now also require a main hand weapon equipped.
• Damage from Explosive Arrow now adjusts with increasing with physical mastery in addition to the DPS of your equipped bow.
• Misc bugfixes.

• Ring of Fire is now a targeted skill, and will only generate one ring of fire. Damage has been increased by ~25%. This should address lag associated with the skill.
• Ancient Master Power Restore component has been removed from the skill.
• Enfeeble now increases the potency of certain debuffs in their opening moments instead of necessarily doubling them. The Ancient Craft initial debuff is now more powerful.
• Fixed various tooltips for Power of Knowledge skills and traits.
• To adjust for reduced LM power generation, most monster and MP power drain effects have been reduced substantially.

• Strident Battle-dress of the Abyss no longer grants an invisible +25% bleed damage bonus.
• Defiant Challenge now properly delivers mitigations, Increased buff duration to 22.
- Protector of Elven Values!
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