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Caranothrim is a special type of Role Play and has some specific rules and characterisation to facilitate this.


The Role Play will follow the game’s Epic Books.

Characters will use the “Stone of the Turtle” to keep characters levels in line with the level of the Epic Story.

The Role Play group will be self sufficient.

All weapons, armour , jewels, food, scrolls, tokens and potions will be either made by the characters in the Caranothrim or acquired through drops.

This means that characters cannot acquire gear, items, boosts etc from

The AH

The Store

Skirmish Camps

Looking at your wallet and items highlight green and therefor shared across your account can not be used.

What is allowed

Characters can acquire “extras” from Hobbit presents they open.
They can barter for goods etc acquired through Bilbo quests, vendor Bert Bartleby

All items used are acquired by drops or made by the characters in the group.

Characters can use the facilities at the Kin house and the Crafting house including the material boxes

Items bartered with reputation tokens, All rep tokens used can only be exchanged between characters of Caranothrim. These tokens can be shared.

Looking at your wallet. Tokens highlighted white can be used.

Items bartered using festival tokens also includes steel tokens.
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