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#13834471 Aug 11, 2018 at 03:59 PM
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This post is to start a discussion about how each of us sees our rp character as part of Caranotherim. I want to flush out :
1. who might and in what circumstances take the rp role in leading on something.
2. What knowledge each of us bring to the group
3. what talents, i.e a long perspective of the ages of Arda, How to set up camp, Lore of any kind. Knowledge of different regions, healing, song. Business acumen Etc.

It will not be necessary to divulge any spoilers you have in mind for your character.

For instance Saphell is young, an inexperienced warden. However she is brave/foolish (depending on how you look at it) Has limited knowledge of other races. She is practical. Although a granddaughter of grocer in Bree her talents do not make her a business woman. However she is organised.
#13834525 Aug 11, 2018 at 05:31 PM
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Ademina is the group bard and healer (I'm so inventive). She uses her musical skills to bring courage and restoration to others, and to share and record history. She also has some knowledge of Bree-land healing herbs (but I don't, so may need some pointers).
#13834581 Aug 11, 2018 at 07:03 PM
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Eruca is a Bree-land hobbit. She knows the lands around there, traders, local stories and legends (which will of course not be accurate when it comes to things such as wights), how to behave properly in Hobbit and Bree-men company (totally not looking at any rude, stuck-up Elves here). She's also quite cheerful and can sometimes be a bit silly when she thinks a situation is absurd.

If local people have to be asked questions, or if someone who is in trouble has to be talked to, Eruca might be a vastly better choice of contact person than, say, certain stuck-up Elves.

Eruca has a somewhat unusual skill, as she can work as a blacksmith; she helped her father in his forge when he could no longer do all his work himself. She mostly lives on what she grows in her garden, but she trades a bit on her skills, repairing and making pots and pans and tools and so on.

She has sometimes secretly experimented on copying odd things hanging here and there over mantelpieces, which might turn out to be armour from long-forgotten wars.

Her work will not be up to the standards held by, say, dwarves, but as she's trying to learn more and more
#13836077 Aug 13, 2018 at 07:23 PM
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Nadhrelstir is a very is an elder of the Eldar (or a really old Elf) who's been around since some time in the early-mid First Age. As he has lived for such a long time, he has quite considerable knowledge of the races of Middle Earth and their crafts (specifically weapons and armour) - though in some cases the knowledge is warped by his prejudices against those races - and many other entities that don't fall into a 'race' category (such as beasts and evil creatures). He's incredibly arrogant and prefers dealing in absolutes rather than giving false hopes. He's explained to some members of the group that he had a wife (who fell in battle on the slopes of Mount Doom) and has 2 children (a son and daughter), though he only has contact with his son and has no knowledge of where is daughter may be. He is an expert swordsman, and despite his prejudices, there is something inside him that will push him to seek the front lines of battle to protect the Free People's of Middle Earth.

Gythmar (who I will start RPing with when we reach Ost Guruth (I like to think that's where he'd join the Caranothrim)), a man in his early twenties, was a Rohirric bard working in the Mead hall of Marton for Thane GladsĂșnu. The Thane asked Gythmar to go with a small force of soldiers to scout the fords of the Isen, but something went terribly wrong. He can be incredibly skittish and can burst into phases quickly talking and using two similarly meaning words as description instead of one as well as jumping in and out of referring to himself in the third person. As he's only been around for 20 years, his knowledge of the outside world is incredibly limited, and although he has no memory of learning about it, he is now incredibly skilled in knife-fighting, sneaking and thievery. He has retained fragmented memories of his time as a bard, so he won't be able to do anything useful with that knowledge.
#13836428 Aug 14, 2018 at 10:55 AM
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Fjaril is classic Gondorian figure, proud to the point of stubborn and not fond of other races (though quite tolerable). He spent months in captivity and has survivor guilt due to this incident. The haradrim who held him captive forced him to work in the southern mines so he has a skill for jewellery. He enjoys good company and stories been told around a fire, while smoking with his pipe. He feels this journey will lead him back home
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