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Crafting Guild Reputation Guide

I found this very useful guide to obtaining Guiled staus with crafting guilds, hope it helps everyone as much as it helped me.
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Lantharion Seregruthon1257Small Lantharion Seregruthon 1y


I just wanted to let you all know i am yeoman and guilded tailorer so i don't mind helping out if someone needs light or medium armour or perhaps just want a fancy rug as long as people bring me material
Small keithia 1y
keithia0173Small keithia 1y

Food, food wonderful food!

If anyone needs any food, I've got a reasonable amount in stock, and can make a lot of recipes up to T7.I can also make jewellery up to T6, though my recipe choice is more limited.If anyone has any dropped recipes for T2+ for cook / jeweller I won...
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Egafridith4309Small Theogorn 1y

ANY HIGH LEVEL ARMSMAN - I need help plz.

I would like to get a first age two handed sword, level 60, champion. If there is anyone can help with that, please send a mail with what I need to do or get to be able to craft it, else I need a crafted relic to add it on the 4th slot.Thank you...
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Creodwod4278Member avatar small Creodwod 2y

Material requests.

I'm a master (T5) level explorer, so if anyone needs help gathering materials, I will do it. Ore, wood, scholar mats, anything enemies might drop. Just make your request in this thread, or send me mail in game, and I'll make time to get it. Even ...
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Cembur10925Member avatar small Creodwod 2y

armsmen here.

I'm building my craftsmanship and I would be happy to help anyone specially low levels to get some nice sword or axes. I am making up to level 66 now, working the way to level up as soon as possible, If anyone need anything mail me in game I will ...
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Creodwod0187Member avatar small Creodwod 2y


Essences are the new thing at level 100, and many people have slots to fill. I'd like supreme critcal rating, finesse, might, morale, and tactical mitigation. I'll do my best to get whatever is needed for them, if anyone who can make them just tel...
Member avatar small Cembur 2y
Cembur0155Member avatar small Cembur 2y

Tailoring crafter.

I am levelling up the Tailoring craft and am currently a Master Artisan crafter, capable of making "purple" light and medium armour upto level 38. Will update this thread as I progress. Always willing to craft for kinsmen, but may need you to ...
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Linthanviel0151Member avatar small Linthanviel 3y

I need these!

I would like the following:Weathered Scraps of Dundlending TextTier 7&8&9 MaterialsMail me ingame
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Prithbo096Small Prithbo 3y
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