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[Pinned] Using the Suggestions Forum

In our most recent officers meeting, we discussed the feedback mechanisms in the kinship, and decided that we would really like to concentrate on using the forums as the main source of feedback. This is because what is written on the forums will n...
Small Meriya 4y
Meriya0367Small Meriya 4y

Choice of class

Greetings Kinsfolk!In our kinship celebration I realised we have many minstrels at max level and am now wondering if another is really needed. So now I am asking you , what class could help the kin best at max level? Should I pick up playing my bu...
Member avatar small Brandenbart 2y
Brandenbart7870Small Conrad 2y

Kinship notes and kinship gatherings

Hello. I am Ornessar, the newest recruit. While checking the kinship and its page, I felt that some things were missing.I have some alts in other kins, and it feels weird that a kin with many active users like The Red Company didn't enforce the us...
Small Ornessar 3y
Ornessar4603Small Theogorn 3y


I'm not saying it in too many words as I am used to do, I would just ask if it was possible to add a forum dedicated to the RP as well. We already do have some rp-focused threads and it surprises me we actually don't have a forum for this subject ...
Small Theogorn 3y
Theogorn2405Small Meriya 3y

Roving Threats and Mounted Combat

Ordgaric and I were talking earlier, and we thought it might be really cool for the Red Company to get in on those roving threat things--but with a more theatrical flair to it than just walking up and attacking them. Instead, why not have some fun...
Member avatar small Agawaer 4y
Agawaer6974Small Meriya 4y

Today's rp

Hello all, this is just an early warning that I may be late, or will have to leave quickly at some point during the rp today. As the defacto planner of the event I would advise that this session should encompass the journey from Bree up to Esteldi...
Member avatar small Calebriorn 4y
Calebriorn0262Member avatar small Calebriorn 4y

Concerning a roll-system

I decided here to write about rolling systems. I wanted to share my findings about this mysterious but interesting stuff, for it can be used well.Roll actually comes from the command /roll or /random. If you are in a fellowship or raid, you have t...
Small Theogorn 4y
Theogorn81412Small Theogorn 4y

Harnkeggers games IV

Look what I found here. Maybe our band would participate in the music part! :p
Small Theogorn 4y
Theogorn3510Small Stafting Wintercress 4y

Cosmetics and housing show

We have many events already, but there is one thing that seems to be overlooked, despite being a large part of the game: Cosmetics. This includes equipable items, as well as housing items. If we were going to add any other event, we should not ign...
Member avatar small Cembur 4y
Cembur71138Small Stafting Wintercress 4y

RolePlaying guide

CLICK HERE An awesome roleplaying guide, created with much effort by Erennor, hoster of the Tolkien Reading Days. I am not yet ready with reading, for it is pretty long, but reading is a must.
Small Theogorn 4y
Theogorn2484Small Stafting Wintercress 4y

Big Battles ect

Hi allSince returning to the game I have noticed that many of the Big Battles contain some of the gear/drops for character advancement. Having not really done many of these I have started to do so. My experience of them so far is not great things...
Member avatar small Flanagan 4y
Flanagan3483Small Theogorn 4y

FREE character transfer I will finaly move my 85lvl from Snowbourn to Laurelin ;)
Small Tokilek 4y
Tokilek2355Small Theogorn 4y

Expansion packs boundle sale on Steam!
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Tokilek0366Small Tokilek 4y
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