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[Pinned] Deed Maps
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[Pinned] Deed Maps

The site which contained the deed maps is no longer online, but their owner put them in a Dropbox for continued use!
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Computer issues

Hey, everyone! Still no luck with getting my CPU usage to go down, even after several Windows updates since. I'm at my wits end. I fear I'll have to purchase a new CPU but in order to do so I need a new motherboard and because I need a new motherb...
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Bullroarer Update 22.2 2018

As most of you know, update 23 will take place in the first or second week of June. Here are the Bullroar notes, as of 31 May 2018Bullroarer has been updated to build 2202.0059.9884.4237.General:• Tactical HPS/DPS relics will be force unslotted wi...
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The most terrible time of year (again)

Those of you have been around a while have probably figured out where I've disappeared to, but for the benefit of those who haven't - I have really big (and really nasty :( ) exams at the end of the end of the month so, for the time being, I will ...
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hi everyone,three weeks ago I was questing in Mordor, when, at a given moment, The Elder Scrolls Online came up in the chat. Having wanted to try out this game for several years, I decided to give it a go by downloading it and trying it out. In t...
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Thank you Red company.

For a long time now i'm thinking and i take my decision.I will like to thank you all guys for my time here,i will come back to my very first kinship.I wish you all the best take care and safe travels.
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Hurricane Donations

Many of you know that the city of Houston was hit and flooded badly by Hurricane Harvey last week, and Hurricane Irma is set to slam into Florida over the weekend. Many people in both states are being very badly affected by these storms, and if yo...
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Hi kin, i wanted to inform you that i'm leaving for vacation for the month. See you all at Fall! Safe travels
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hugs thank you all for the heart warming words and well wishes.I just wanted to drop a note and just say that i am alright and will be home tomorrow :)The surgery was successful.So i will most likely be online this weekend :)*gets some sleep since...
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New Premium House open for visitors

I just bought one of the new Premium Houses on the Cape of Belfalas. If anyone is interested in visiting, it's 2 Cliff Road in Nen Gwilith. I'm not done furnishing it yet, but you can enjoy the view and the seagulls, and I'm planning on putting so...
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An announcement (and another bad title)

Greetings.Several things have been going on the past few weeks, so I thought I should let all of you know about all of that. But before that, I announce my departure from the kinship. I might be back with Ornessar or another account in the future,...
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Semi-absent (and this is a bad title)

Greetings and good morning/good afternoon. As some may know, I will not be very active after September 12th. The reason for my absence is the fact that the routine stats again; this being my 4th year out of the 5 years of my course. What I study i...
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morveren - away on holiday :)

Hi everyone just to let you know ill be away from lotro for the next 2/3 weeks on holiday, so all my chars (morveren, rosarielle, kaerielle and lunelia) will be inactive. See you all back in middle earth soon TY :)
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Aedree AFK

Hey everyone,The second week of August (8th-15th) I'll be away. Partner is getting surgery. I'll be back on the 16th if there aren't any complications.See you then again!~ Aedree
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Nant is having a holliday

After a year of fun,deeds,raids,music,RP and great events,Nant has decided to have a little break with her family.She wil be away for a week starting at the 15th of July untill the 22th of July.So I will be here for the upcomming week to help you ...
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Translating to Sindarin and Rohirric

Greetings. I'd like to inform the kin that I'm fluent in Sindarin and Rohirric, so if someone needs to translate anything, send me an in-game mail, a /tell or reply to this thread.
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Hail everyone :)I am now not as active as I was because I am trying everything now on Bullroarer (beta). If anyone wishes me to check anything they would like to know let me know and I will do it. See you soon, Kat :)
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For Adilyr - and other heretics who don't know Nightwish

This is Nightwish!
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Goodbye to LOTRO

The game just isn't enjoyable to me anymore, though I did enjoy the kinship. I'm leaving, though not because of something anyone in the kin has done. I just don't find the game fn anymore. I said goodbye to some, but not all I'm familiar with. If ...
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