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Character Introductions

Rioghnach, a half-sister of Eloen Aduial

Rioghnach ('Queen-like' in Rohirric) was born to a noble woman from Fenmarch along the Mering Stream in Eastfold. Her father was an exile from Gil-galad's army three thousand years before, Avaranga ('Unwilling Steel') the Elf, Too much occupied - ...
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Character Introductions


She hails from the royal Noldorin host of Gil-galad, eleven years prior to the beginning of the Third Era (she is twenty-nine and three thousand years old). She was born, and cooed for the first time, as the Sickle of Valar was ascending on the ni...
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Character Introductions

Keithia was born on the road and left on doorstep at her uncle just outside bree.Her uncle a tall man with dark hair and grey eyes a dûnedain hailing from north broken minded settled down just outside bree...
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Character Introductions


Hi! new lotro player here.I'm a casual, not so much spare time, tolkien/lore oriented but also like to collect best gear :)pve only, looking for friends to share my lotr world passion with, learn to play (and hope that lotro won't shut down or sim...
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Character Introductions


Camrimbor (known as Cam to his friends and allies) is a bit of a fish out of water story. Orphaned as an infant he was discovered by a Man who was travelling through the area. Quite by chance he came upon the charred and desolate village (to this ...
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Character Introductions

Koltgrim and Marigrim

Koltgrim (known simply as Kolt) and Marigrim are fraternal Hobbit twins. Raised in the Shire, their childhoods only differed from other Hobbits because of their love of adventure. There seemed to be some Took blood in the woodpile, or at least tha...
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Character Introductions


Race/Ethnicity: Breelander Skin Tone: Caucasian Build: Slim and some muscles Eyes: Green Hair: Long, dark brown Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: She has some scars in her face from some accidents at her parents farm. And she have a new sca...
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Character Introductions

Drifita Feorfyn

Born into a family of Woodsmen in the far northern reaches of Rhovanion, Drifita Feorfyn comes from a long line of foresters and woodland folk. A childhood living on the hem of the Great River and facing the southern half of Mirkwood, Drifita's ac...
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Character Introductions

Theogorns story

Well, I already had for pretty long a background story. Even several each after each other. But every time I felt there was something wrong with them. It's Always such story kind of that something bad happened and that something unrightfully has b...
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Character Introductions

Arstelle (and Orodrethas, I guess): Big Backstory Extravaganza

So, urm, yeah. I realised I never put Arstelle/Orodrethas's backstory up. And since you're all so excited to know about it, here ya go.Arstelle was born on the Great Journey long before the First Age (making her a pretty damn old elf) along with h...
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Character Introductions

Remnantus Cuiviefea

Hello dear reader , my name is Remnantus Cuiviefea . Some of you may know me from times far past in the red company though I fear there aren't that many old timers left whom would remember. well where to being ? ah yes I am 7050 years of age thoug...
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Character Introductions

How Radhril joined the Red Company

Ioriel was one of the last elves born in the Halls of the Elvin King. she has led a protected and sheltered life knowing little of the world beyond the River Forest and her families vineyard. She was named Ioriel because her father was an extre...
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Character Introductions

Katrandil Elendar

NOTE: Character Rewritten, post edited.Katrandil Elendar was born long after the fall of the Northern Kingdoms. On 21st day of the Afteryule on the year 2994 of The Third Age as a descendant of the Legendary bloodline of the Dúnedain. Others of he...
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Character Introductions

The tale of Ordgaric. [a prelude of things to come]

"A steadfast warrior does not waver, knows not fear, can not retreat"The story of his life, is much like the story of his betrothal to his one, and only love, complicated, with many trials and several scars. To explain how he came to be married to...
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Character Introductions

Some titbits about Aedree

Mind that this is just a rough sketch for the time being. And please remember that anything written here is not known to those who meet Aedree in character ingame.-----------------------------Aedree's father was one of the Rohirrim Riders, passing...
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Character Introductions

Stafting Wintercress

Outward Appearance Stafting is a Breelander, has a rather rustic demeanor about him due to the fact that he spends most of his time in the wilds. He has a scar on his right cheek caused by an encounter with brigands long ago, a mildly athletic bui...
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Character Introductions

Tyrillar, Son of Tymand.

Race: EorlingasFull Name: Tyrillar, son of Tymand, son of Tybald.Eye Colour: Blue.Hair Colour: Light brown, worn long and held behind ears.Spoken Languages: Rohirric/WestronWeapons: A spear, left to him by his father after he went missing. He wish...
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Character Introductions

Everyone else ('Cause why not?)

Araler - Son of Nethcar, Araler is considered reckless. During his youth, Araler would often look up to the other Dunedain. Amazed at the amount of effort they had to go through to protect Men, Elves, Hobbits and Dwarves alike, he decided to ventu...
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Character Introductions

Agthallion Aglarmaethor

Here's a Description/background/timeline to my character.( copy and pasted from my laurelin archive page)"My laurelin archives page"Race: Noldorin Eyes: Green Hair: Dark Brown Languages spoken: Quenya Sindarin and Westron Weapons : Sword Túretult...
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Character Introductions

The Ryder Family (Ancthan, Ancthelm, Cynthan)

Ancthan - At 25 years of age, Ancthan is the older brother of Ancthelm. Hailing from a poor family on a farm outside Harwick, They both went their seperate ways three years ago.Unlike his brother, Ancthan had no interest in joining the Rohirrim mi...
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