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[Archive] July-December 2015

I've got an appointment

I will likely not be able to see the finish for Ancthan's latest rp story arc unfortunately as I will likely not be able to get online today, I may end up popping in at or need the end, but don't start without me.
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[Archive] July-December 2015

Calebriorn takes over RP

I wants to leave a quick note here to say to officers and members alike that I appointed Calebriorn to take over charge of the rp for now. I have a busy time of homework and nearing exams. I cannot worry about rp now and school is priority. I have...
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[Archive] July-December 2015

Kinship roles

It occurs to me from rping Cale that he has become the company's unofficial tracker/scout/pathfinder. With that in mind perhaps in terms of rp the company could make official roles and specializations of that kind. I,believe such a system would be...
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[Archive] July-December 2015

more about RP

Well, I have been thinking more about RP. First we have had a full adventure about a corrupting stone. then we headed to angmar and the elves are freed succesfully. But honestly I must say that last RP was a bit boring. in a certain way I couldn'...
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[Archive] July-December 2015

RP Storyline Suggestions Thread

Well I thought I'd make a thread like this where members of the Kinship can write and brainstorm on roleplay storylines or oneshots we could participate in. Of course I don't expect some of the ideas thrown around here to be greenlit because utlim...
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[Archive] July-December 2015

How the Morgul blades actually work

So with the current RP events going on pertaining to the Morgul blade I decided to go and do some actual research on how the Morgul blades are documented to function, (as that is what Calebriorn himself is no doubt doing between yesterday (as of m...
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