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[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Weekly RP postponement and a RP proposition.

Hello all, sorry this took until the day of, but I wished to inform the company that this week, I am unavailable for the full length of the RP session, and thus can't continue with our regularly scheduled events. As such I fully encourage the grou...
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Calebriorn71491Member avatar small Lecnal 2y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Kin rp 3 Jan. Of orbs and a departure

At dawn a fellowship of six: Tolibold, Ronimli, Eloen Aduial, Blorlo, Radhril and Calebriorn departed Ost Guruth. They rode east towards the last Bridge. As they reached the crest of the skarn and made their way on the road, Radhril glanced back ...
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Monbretia Umbridge1314Member avatar small Monbretia Umbridge 2y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

the requested thread

as some of you requested, I open up a thread here where you can discuss the things you want. I have already written a full post in the council-thread, explaining some causes, factors, personal solution, but I do not yet see so much what more can b...
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Theogorn202820Member avatar small Monbretia Umbridge 2y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Another little RP adventure

Greetings venerable Red Company role players,most of you are aware that I have prepared another RP adventure that will -start would be too big a word, so Id rather say "be seeded"- tomorrow, and I want to stake out a few points about it to avoid m...
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Haltunnen10955Small Haltunnen 2y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

A short summary of yesterdays RP adventure "One more man gone"

At the weekly meeting of the Red Company Haltunnen the dwarf shared grave news. Bragham Thistlebrew, one of the youngest recruits of the Red Company, and an employee in Haltunnens Bree shop, is dead.Coming home from business abroad, Haltunnen had ...
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Haltunnen91016Small Haltunnen 2y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

A few things I would like to contribute

Be greeted, valued kinspeople!I am only a simple recruit and still a noob to LOTRO (with about two very lazy months of experience a few years ago and only a few weeks now on this server), but having many years of background in roleplaying (tableto...
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Haltunnen4557Small Nanteana 3y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Bi-Weekly RP

13th of OctoberTonight we had I Bi-weekly RP,And it was nice!We talked about Adventures ,and learn about our Kinnies!We like to know your story to!Next Bi weekly will be on 27th of october,Come and join us,and learn more about you Kinnies!greets,N...
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Nanteana1392Small Nanteana 3y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Roleplay Peeps

It appears the number of hep-cats at the last 2 RP sessions has been lacklustre.I'm disappointed. Like, really. I want you all to come.Let me be clear. This is not a nice suggestion from Nant. Hell no. This is a DEMAND. I expect to see a good turn...
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Arstelle91021Small Nanteana 3y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Theogorn's disapearance.

It is here that I write because it may affect other kin rps story line and character build.I want to clarify if Theogram in the rp world has left to go back to his homeland, without giving notice or he never existed.Depending what others think I h...
Member avatar small Monbretia Umbridge 3y
Monbretia Umbridge2402Small Theogorn 3y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

Official RP assistance

As I agreed with Aedree to take over RP for the time she needs to come back,I am happy to announce that Arstelle and Radhril will be my assistance when we do RP.They are Awsome and know what they are talking about,I think Arstelle and Radhril are ...
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Nanteana4472Small Nanteana 3y
[Archive] October 2016-January 2017

The Borders of Bree

Three weeks ago the Company started their journey to check up on the Borders of Breeland,to make sure everything is still save and sound.We started the journey in Bree town,making sure we have enough supplies and our Gear and weapons sharpend (Jus...
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