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Fjaril's Weapons

Fjaril would require a 20 lvl one-handed sword and a bow if possible :)
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Nalaea298Member avatar small Monbretia Umbridge 139d

Nadhrelstir/Gythmar weapons

I'm just going to keep reposting on/updating this thread whenever Gythmar or Nadhresltir need new weapons for the Caranothrim.Nadhrelstir would like to commission Heavy Iron Greatsword of Agility (lvl 18) and a Heavy Iron Sword of Deflection (lvl ...
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Ancthan160Small Ancthan 161d

Taking weapon smith orders

Saphell welcome's all orders for weapon smith level 15
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Monbretia Umbridge199Member avatar small Monbretia Umbridge 1y
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