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weekly news #11

Theogorn / Feb 05, 2017 / news
Hello folks,

so, let's have a brief resume of what we all did this week. Beginning with the first Sunday, we played out Filikul, the vile maw and Tier 2 of the Foundry. On our deed evening, which was moved to Tuesday, we completed deeds in Dunland, like the non-advanced warg- and uruk-hai slayer. we also completed quests in the pits of Avardin and killed the gatekeepers of Isengard. Friday we completed Silent Street T1, where AGAWAER did *excellent* tanking: congratulations with the archievement! We also completed FI (Fornost). And last Saturday we completed more Fornost, but we also archieved victory in Dargnakh Unleashed and two groups succeeded in Fangorn's edge.

if you did not yet claimed the weekly freebie: MOREBOOM and you gain +5% Attack Damage (90 min) x1

Greetings, Theogorn


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