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Weekly news #12

Theogorn / Feb 13, 2017 / news
Hello everybody,

Another week has passed, and we did many bustling activities. In our weekly deeding, we attacked arms of the watcher in Moria and we helped Breagath out for the deed leaders of the invasion in Annuminas. Afterwards, we killed warmaster Bugud in Eastern-Rohan. On Thursday, Lantharion tried out HAWT (Have Alt Will Travel), a event to support deeds of alts ON LEVEL. They turned out to progressing the limrafn and salamanders in Evendim. Our spear-brothers Maerow, Herudil, Ronimli and Minmar were there. Friday we warmed up with a skraid Battle for the 21st Hall. They continued with Roving Threats in Western Gondor. Saturday we warmed up with a FI Haudh Valandil. Lastly, Ailema, Saralethiel and Lantharion conquered the sunken Labyrinth.

Also, don't forget the weekly freebie to gain a slayer boost: SKILLITUP

Attention: on Tuesday 21 February we hold a big cleanup and everyone who exceeds the 42-day rule will be removed, no matter the rank or status: officers, respected members and new recruits will be treated alike!

Have a good day,

Theogorn, PRO


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