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Weekly news #13

Theogorn / Feb 20, 2017 / news
Hello folks,

This week, we have had next events going on: Tuesday, MERIYA, LANTHARION and LECNAL did an FI. Friday ROSAMUNDI, SARALETHIEL, AND LANTHARION, completed the Ruined city. Also the Quays of Harlond was overcome by DANDALIAN, SARALETHIEL and LANTHARION. Fornost: wraith of eart was done succesfully by DANDALIAN, SARALETHIEL, LANTHARION, SIGRUN and HAOLDEN. Saturday CoR & co. completed the all of the wings within the Tower of Orthanc. Sunday we decided to battle a mighty old dragon, Draigoch the terrible... At last, CoR can move on to higher levels! It was a great raiding week, congratulations! let's go on like that. Questions about CoR, Adilyr will know an answer on them!

Oh, surely don't miss the freebie TOGETHER, if you're in need of a free sumonning horn! Also, I'm making you already warm for our anniversary that will come very soon somewhere in the coming weeks. More details, contact NANTEANA! Feel free to join us in future events! Tomorrow, roster cleanup!

Travel safe,

Theogorn, PRO


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