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Weekly news #14

Theogorn / Feb 26, 2017 / news
Hello everyone,

We hope you have a wonderful day and are enjoying the game so far. We, the great soldiers of the red company defeated Salamanders and limrafn in Evendim and claimed honour for the task. Furthermore, we got beaten in the ass by the despicable dragon Draigoch and didn't save Enedwaith of a terrible doom. And lastly, any of us decided to go home in Redstable to party and feast, shooting firework with any money that's left. And with passion we bullied our kinleader adilyr in a mighty roast while the redstable revellers played a song or two. All in all, the week feels great, despite bad behaviour and bad performances of our awesome order. Congratulations for the participation in our anniversary, we had a great time.

But, if you are feeling guilty because we didn't save the world, redeem yourself and claim 5 rejuvenation potions with the code DRINKME. Captain Lantharion Seregruthon has ideas of enforcing the law, so our hearths will be pure again. More information about that he will deliver soon!

May Eru forgive us for our sins,

Theogorn, PRO


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