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Weekly news #15

Theogorn / Mar 05, 2017 / news
Greetings to all of you,

To give everyone an idea of what instances we did this week: Friday we tried the Featured instance. This was Ost Dunhoth - Poison and Disease. Many people avoid it, but we tried our hands on it that night. Saturday we did a cleanup for lvl 65+ instances. AILEMA, ARALER, CENALITH, DOLVETHIR, LECNAL and THEOGORN turned out to do Sammath Gûl to kill Gorothul for the epilogue of Volume II.

SKIRMISHUP is the weekly freebie. Insert it if you really want that +100% Mark Acquisition (90 min) x1! At the moment, Update 20 goes live on the testserver Bulroar. Soon, the FI-set will switch and the price for rep-accelerators in the skirmish camp will be increased. You may want to pile some up.

I see Lantharion still didn't provide information about his mischievous plan, but he certainly will when he's ready with all the preperations. besides, here's the link to SSG's weekly Beacon: . It's a weekly summarize of all noteworthy happenings, like events announcements, kinship advertisements etc. Be sure to check that out.

Travel safe,

Theogorn, PRO


It's worth noting that we decimated all the evil things in OD Poison and Disease! Our kin members got many marks, medallions, and seals. And of course, the usual Long-Lost coins from the Featured Instances.
Great you mentioned that!

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