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Weekly News 27/03-02/04

Meriya / Apr 02, 2017 / news
Tuesday we put on our warmest cloaks and headed to Forochel to defeat dourhands, gauredain and Angmarim. The group was Rallewyn, Liranna, Narubeth, Dandalian, Monbretia, Abrem and Brehir.

On Saturday we explored the new Towers of Teeth and Skoironk; the first excursion into them for some of the group. We emerged after a couple of hours, loot bags very full. The group was Adilyr, Sigrun, Dandalian, Edalon, Rosamundi, Meriya and Padhril. Highlights included murdering an entire room of orcs and getting very, very lost.

Next Saturday we plan to take on the Barrows!

On Tuesday, The Rolling Kegs will be performing in The Shire, and a couple of our kinsfolk will be performing with them. For this reason, deed evening will be moved to Thursday 06/04 (unless anyone raises objections with Meriya).

Safe travels!


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