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Red Company - Recent Exploits

Theogorn / May 01, 2017 / news
Dearest kinsfolk,

As Summer rushes in, the Red Company has been hard at its duties across Middle Earth. The last nine days has seen a lot of kin activity. Highlights include:

On Friday 28th, a Red Company fellowship charged the fences of Lang Rhuven (in the Slag Wastes near the Black Gate of Mordor). The group completed all the 'gateway' quests to allow those characters access to the L105 Fellowship crafting instances. The group was composed of: LANTHARION, DANDALIAN, SIGRUN, LECNAL (who did some great tanking), and PENNYWORTH. We were so pleased with the succcess that we are planning to repeat this soon to allow access for other kinsmen.

The RedStable Revellers performed at the Bree Festival Grounds on Monday. They drew a large crowd and their six member band performance drew great acclaim. Let's hope we hear more from NANTEANA and the band soon.

On Saturday 29th, a series of Moria instances were run (open to all eligible levels) at the request of DANROC. The Red Company threw down the Watcher in the Water and other denizens of Khazad-Dum. Thanks to LANTHARION for organising.

Lastly, the Children of Rossiel, our XP disabled raid group started the L85 Erebor content on Saturday 22nd. In ONE evening, they completed all three L85 3 mans - Iorbar's Peak, Scuttledells, Seat of the Great Goblin, *and* the 6 man: Bells of Dale. They will soon begin the L85 12 mans which will present more a challenge !

More news as it happens



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