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Weekly News - February 11th, 2018

Lantharion Seregruthon / Feb 10, 2018 / news
Hail Red Company,

Restarting the tradition of our weekly newsletters, here is the first new one.

This week we have seen some new initiatives taking form, Sigrun has started the Moody Mordor Mondays, where we try to get as many kinsmen, allies and friends together as we can to run Mordor content.

On Thursday our RP-group continues to run their story and slowly but surely grow, and... in 2 weeks our new xp-disabled rp group, The Caranothrim will also start with their 2 weekly Thursday evening runs. (For those interested there is more info to be found on our forums).

On Friday we ran several Court of Seregost runs, 1 set with Dolvethir, Lecnal and Meriya (T1 and T2) and another set with Dandalian, Lantharion and Sigrun (T1 and T2).

And lastly, but certainly not least, on Saturday, a group of initially 5 (Cenalith, Dolvethir, Lecnal, Meriya and Sigrun) decided to brave the dangers of The Dungeons of Naerband. Thanks to our devoted kinswoman Tolibold, who joined us at the last boss fight, we finally managed to overcome the Boss and finish the Instance!


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