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Tribute to Nils Verduin (Dolvethir/Lantharion)

We will be paying our respects on Saturday 17th March to Nils who played (Dolvethir/Lantharion).

It will start at 7.45-8pm GMT at Bree West Gate.

Fireworks will be handed out for the end of the ceremony.

Ride as a raid to Ost Barandor for the memorial.

Designated people will place fires.

We will rp the placing of (Lantharion’s shield, cape and sword).

Song played by Denwood

“Give me wings” played by Gophinthil

Tributes opened by Nanteana who will rp placing the first stone on Lantharion's cairn.

Followed with other individual tributes by kin members and friends (who if they so wish can place a stone on the cairn.)

Tributes end with Nanteana who will place a fiddle on the cairn.

“Namarie” by J.R.R Tolkien recited by Sigrun

The kin’s Band Redstables’ Revellers will perform Nils’ own song “Epitaph”

We will end with everyone setting off fireworks.


(If you are unable to join us and wish to have your tribute read out please contact Nanteana or Sigrun)



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