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Event Schedule for this week

Nanteana / Apr 10, 2018 / announcements
Monday : Moody Mordor Monday: Udun this week
Tueseday: Deed-evening Let us know if you have unfinished deeds and we will aid you finishing them.
Wednesday: No event
Thursday: Tales and Travels: Join our adventures in RP Lone lands led by Sigrun have a peak and join in! Ingae mail will follow.
Friday : Lvl 105 and up raid led by Sara
Saturday: Raid evening lowers lvls
Sunday : no events

All events take place at 8PM BST/3 PM servertime with a delay of 15 minutes at most,before we start.

If any changes or Raids are decided you will recieve a Kinmail or take notice on the Message of the day in Kinchat from the officer leading it.

For joining raids please join our Teamspeak channel for leading and strategy by the Raid officer (,no password)

Pick an event or all and join us!

With regards,

Nanteana of the Fallohide.


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