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Weekly News 09-05/15-05

Nanteana / Apr 17, 2018 / news
Dear Kinsmen and Woman,

Last week was a nice week.
On Monday Theogorn and Adilyr together fased the fears of Nearband and finished of the evil in there.
Tueseday brought Meriya,Hadbarnd and Blorlo into Barad Gularan and Urugarth,and defeated all in the evil they could find.
Thurseday was an evening of Tales and Travels where they have met a new person Arathadan.Galanthia,Ethelaisly,Trana and Bloro
Will continue there yourney in two weeks.
Friday Saralethiel warmed the grup up With a Twentyfirst Hall skirmish ,Valandil's Tomb folowed and we also did the FI.
It was a fine group Saralethiel,Erethal,Sigrun,Meriya,Agawaer,Vidis and Cenalith.
Saturday Saralethiel,our friend and allie Gildoin and Cenalith faced the spiders in another FI (Scuttledells)

This week we will continue our Adventures in Middle earth,thank you all for joining our events throughout the week!

With Regards,
Nanteana of the Fallohides.


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