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Weekly news 30-04 till 06-05

Nanteana / May 06, 2018 / news

Monday :Sigrun and Adilyr went into Nearband in Mordor to do what needed
to be done,although he left Sigrun in the firespits
al alone to face the heat,he came back and all pages were found.

Tueseday:Cenalith and Adilyr joined up late to do some slayerdeeds in
Western Rohan.

Wednesday:No events

Thurseday: Saphell,Artherith and Nadhrelstir investigated Crickhollow,wich led
them back to Bree,something with Black Riders,
A ring and Strider,they stopped at Adso's camp,talking about
family matters.

Friday :Lvl 100 and up Raid/instance evening Saralethiel,Sigrun,Vidis,Cenalith
did the FI,after that Saralethiel,Sigrun and Lecnal
did Q of Harlond requested by Lecnal.Cenalith replaced Sigrun,but
still they failed,tactics are needed here :)

Saturday : As there were few online this evening (Probably because of
Liborationday) we had no raids.

Sunday : No events.

Thank you all for comming on our events this week!
Hope you will join us next week to!

With regards,

Nanteana of the Fallohides.


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