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The kinship uniform cosmetics are required to be worn at all kinship events by all kinsmen (officers are also gifted an "Officers' Cloak"). The components and colour of the outift represent our kinship's dedication to Bree and the wider North. The uniform is composed of three main parts and can then be somewhat individualised by our kinsmen. Please message one of the officers if you need the uniform.

Talgred (right) wears the following main uniform pieces:

Watcher's Hauberk(from the outfitter at Trestlebridge), dyed Crimson.
Soft Leather boots (from the outfitter at Trestlebridge or Bree), dyed Walnut.
Plain cloak (from all outfitters), dyed Crimson.

He also wears the following:

Shoulders - Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (Dunland quest reward)
Hands - Wildermore Survivors' Heavy Gauntlets (Wildermore Rep. Barterer)